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Experienced Assessors embark on their journey in BE Assessments 2024

Published on April 10, 2024

Every year, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) brings together high-performing Assessors in preparation for the upcoming BE Assessment process in specially curated learning programmes called the Experienced Assessor Programmes (EAP2024). The primary goal of the EAP is two-fold: (1) To recognise and understand the changes in the TBEM framework and (2) To engage the Assessors to reflect on past Assessments and explore changes in the Assessment process.

This year, the programme has been meticulously customised to facilitate optimal learning through collaborative efforts, in-depth case study analyses, and dynamic interactive sessions. The learning agenda is specially curated and spans across the following key domains:

  • Reflections and changes in the Assessment process: This session discusses the vital changes in the Assessment process, business understanding and insight, team quality and usage of AI tools, etc.
  • Understanding TBEM 2.0: This session encourages understanding the changes in TBEM 2.0, highlighting the ‘Tata areas of emphasis’ in the criteria, questions on future readiness, new areas to address, etc.
  • Assessing operational technology and supply chain resilience: This utilises the APQC and ASQE case studies to understand how Assessors can appreciate the efforts put in by Tata organisations on operational technology and supply chain resilience.
  • Assessing data, digital and information technology: This session helps understand the fundamentals of any organisation's data, digital and technology journey. Areas like ‘right time’ data, data governance, cyber security postures, Gen AI etc, were explained through Tata group Best practices.
  • Enhance NERD quality: This session reemphasised the basics of the Assessment process and how the outcome of Assessments can be enhanced.

EAP also provided a platform for the Assessors to gear up for upcoming cycles by focusing on key aspects and methodologies of the Assessment process to enhance the overall value delivered.

A total of 10 EAP2024 sessions have been planned for both online and physical classrooms. Three EAP2024 sessions have been conducted with more than 60+ Assessors joining the sessions. This session was facilitated in Mumbai, Jamshedpur and the online platform.

Participants appreciated the programme as an enriching, exciting and experiential engagement. Most importantly, they preferred the learning agenda and case study-based learning. This lays the foundation for a fascinating voyage of customised, collaborated, and celebrated assessments in 2024. The last of the EAP2024 programmes is planned on April 23, 2024.

Like every year, the EAP Plus is also designed for BE Assessors who have participated in at least five TBEM external Assessments. These include special sessions like ‘Assessing Intrapreneurship and Talent Management’ and ‘Changing Role of an Experienced Assessor’. Two EAP2024Plus sessions on April 24 and 26, 2024.

To learn more about EAP2024 and other Excellence Competency Development offerings from TBExG, please write to Madhu Chaithanya (

Participants Speak

This was a very enriching session as there are a lot of key changes to the criteria and they were put forth in a very engaging way. Really appreciate the efforts of the Competency Development team to initiate this programme.

Overall excellently designed and delivered. Very insightful and informative session.