Strategy Deployment


In the ever-evolving business landscape, an organisation's strategies are not only essential for its survival but also to thrive and create a lasting impact.. These strategic initiatives are the foundation upon which value is meticulously crafted, benefiting not only the organisation but also its array of stakeholders. They are the roadmap to gaining that coveted competitive edge within the bustling market, where success hinges on a proactive and innovative approach. Strategic planning is the compass that guides a company's journey, an essential precursor to any goods or services being conceived, developed, and delivered. It is, in essence, the epicentre of a company's journey towards excellence, where foresight becomes the beacon lighting the way to remarkable success.

A well-defined and focused strategy is the linchpin for success. With the relentless dynamism of global markets and the rapid infusion of technological innovations, businesses today face heightened vulnerability. In this fluid environment, strategic planning has become the cornerstone of not just success but also the sustainable growth of enterprises.

The Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) stands at the forefront of supporting Tata Group companies in redefining their strategic approach. We offer a suite of services that cater to the multifaceted demands of contemporary business strategy.


Strategy Assessment: TBExG aids in evaluating the quality of your strategic planning, encompassing the strategic planning process, business environment diagnostics, coherence of the overall strategy, and the feasibility of strategic choices. 

Strategy Implementation: While strategic planning is the first step on the path to achieving your vision, the true litmus test lies in its execution. TBExG is dedicated to helping companies translate their strategies into actionable plans and establishing an effective tracking system. Our methods, such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Strategy Deployment Matrix (SDM), and many other time-tested tools, ensure alignment throughout the organisation, from top to bottom, for effective implementation of strategic priorities.

Enterprise Risk Management: In a continuously fluctuating environment, companies that proactively manage risks have a greater chance of thriving. TBExG provides comprehensive support in crafting Enterprise Risk Management frameworks and offers ongoing guidance.

Revisiting Vision, Mission, and Values (VMV): VMV is a widely acknowledged management tool embraced by companies globally. TBExG collaborates with companies to facilitate leadership workshops that refine or revisit their VMV. This fosters alignment with the Tata Group's overarching vision.

Competitive Intelligence (CI): In the competitive landscape, staying ahead of the game is vital. TBExG's CI program empowers Tata companies to proactively tackle competition in their domains. Our "Know your Competition" framework aids in identifying competitors and sharing best practices from within the Tata Group. We also grant access to cutting-edge tools and techniques from SCIP (Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), spanning various industries and geographies. The TBExG Strategy team guides companies to identify gaps in their CI processes and develop strategies to overcome them.

Corporate Foresight: Corporate foresight enables companies to anticipate disruptive changes, analyse their ramifications, and develop effective strategies for long-term survival and success. TBExG conducts organisational preparedness assessments and workshops with CXOs to introduce the concepts of Corporate Foresight, aligning companies with the ever-changing landscape.

The Team

Sanjeev Singh

Vice President & Head
Tata Business Excellence Group


Vinod Kumar

Assistant Vice President
Tata Business Excellence Group


Siddharth Bhatt

Deputy General Manager
Tata Business Excellence Group


Shreyas Srivatsan

Deputy General Manager
Tata Business Excellence Group