Best Practices

Best Practices

The Tata Best Practices programme accelerates the Tata Group's excellence journey by enabling companies in the Group to emulate good practices from both within the Group and the global ecosystem. Through different engagements, it documents, recognises and propagates promising practices across multiple spheres of business.

EDGE Portal

The EDGE portal is a repository of knowledge pieces in the form of promising practices, webinar recordings/presentations, knowledge forums and discussions. With a growing collection of 725+ practices, it enables individuals, teams and companies within the Tata ecosystem to benefit from battle-tested and implementation-ready practices. These practices are primarily sourced from assessment feedback of BE/Data Maturity/TAAP reports.

Through the portal, TBExG ensures dissemination of good practices across the Tata Group companies. Besides access to and the option to share good practices, the portal also provides Tata employees with the option of connecting with practice owners and subject matter experts to find out ways to emulate the practices.

EDGE Webinars

As part of the Tata Best Practices Programme, TBExG conducts weekly webinars, where employees share a promising practice with high KPI impact to business or implemented in their function, which can potentially be emulated by similar functions in other companies. Most of the webinars are conducted based on the practices uploaded on the portal. The EDGE webinars deal with subjects having a universal appeal across the Tata group such as safety, operations excellence, business excellence, change management, project management, etc. Leadership Series webinars, a part of the EDGE webinar bouquet, sees a senior member from the leadership team address the audience.

Through the EDGE webinars, individuals and teams across the Tata Group get access to winning strategies and interventions implemented in companies across the group.

Best Practice Sharing

For over two years, TBExG and the Tata Best Practices Programme have been successfully enabling the transfer of best practices from one company to another. There are two types of best practice sharing sessions: customised sessions and cluster-based sessions.

TBExG facilitated 68 best practices sharing sessions, in FY21, on new store opening, NPS, continuous improvement, EPA management, succession planning and analytics, to name a few. Engaging 100+ subject matter experts from over 30 unique recipients and 27 provider Tata companies, the sessions were conducted virtually due to the pandemic. Customer feedback saw an increase from 71 in FY20 to 90 in FY21.

Best Practice Implementation

The Tata Best Practices Programme has been focusing on facilitating implementation of best practices in different areas of importance across Tata companies. In FY21, there were 10 successful implementation of practices with companies like Infiniti Retail, Trent, Titan Company, AirAsia India, Tata AutoComp Systems, Tata Steel, Tata Power and many more. The areas covered were: Net Promoter Score, Processes for New Store Opening, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit, among many others. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across the Group companies are leveraged who help recipient companies implement the practices.


TBExG facilitates a culture of continuous improvement and transformation by engaging with Tata companies for benchmarking key business metrics and processes.

Benchmarking topics are identified from the current requirements of the company as week as the Group focus areas. This initiative provides information to identify business processes to drive breakthrough levels of performance. It plays a vital role in the 'learning' dimension, to facilitate innovation through evaluation and improvement. Exercises helps group companies evaluate their processes and performances against industry peers and contemporary organisations.

As a part of the Benchmarking initiative, TBExG has partnered with American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), the world's most prominent authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management.

In FY21, TBExG conducted a Key Account Management (KAM) - Process Benchmarking Study with 19 companies from nine business sectors. The 27 responses from companies to the KAM questionnaire was evaluated on nine parameters:

  • Leadership vision and strategy on KAM
  • Organisational structure and relationship management
  • Customer segmentation and prioritisation
  • Account planning process
  • Account performance metrics
  • Customer value creation
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • KAM talent management
  • Systems and customer data management

In September 2020, the outcome of the benchmarking study was shared through a webinar for all Tata companies. Tata Communications and Tata Steel Europe presented practices during the webinar. Areas of improvement were discussed with all participating companies.

Best Practice Writing Guidelines

Be a part of the Tata Best Practices Programme and accelerate the Group’s excellence journey. Share your best practice on EDGE by following the below guidelines.

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