Operations Excellence


The Operations Excellence team at Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) focuses on helping companies improve their business performance by facilitating a culture of continuous improvement and transformation in the areas of process management, supply chain, project management, cost management, quality management. Based on TBEM Assessment feedback related to Category 6 (Operations Focus) and other related categories, the companies may decide areas for improvement through Deep Dives.

The Operations Excellence team engages with group companies to facilitate Deep Dives through a framework consisting of diagnostics, action planning workshops and reviews in partnership with domain experts to give insightful and prescriptive feedback, identifying the strengths and areas of improvement.

The diagnostics is carried out at two levels: the enterprise level and the functional level. The Deep Dive Diagnostics process helps organisations check the Operations health of the organisation as well as get insightful feedback from subject matter experts (internal within the Tata group and external - outside the Tata group). This, in turn, accelerates their organisational transformation and change management agenda.

The key areas of engagement for Operations Excellence Deep Dives are:

  • Supply chain management
  • Cost management
  • Production efficiency enhancement
  • Quality management
  • Enterprise project management
  • IT process diagnostics
  • Continuous improvement programmes


The Team

Sanjeev Singh

Vice President & Head
Tata Business Excellence Group


Vinod Kumar

Assistant Vice President
Tata Business Excellence Group


Devraj Chattaraj

General Manager
Tata Business Excellence Group


Alok Shahapurkar

Senior Consultant
Tata Business Excellence Group


Brajesh Chandra

Tata Business Excellence Group