Tata Business Excellence Model

Tata group has a legacy of continually working to improve the quality of life of the communities through long-term stakeholder value creation based on the principles of ‘Leadership with Trust’. To ensure that Tata companies run their business ethically excellently, Tata Sons has mandated that companies using the Tata logo must sign the Brand Equity Business Promotion (BEBP) agreement.

The Tata Code of Conduct and the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) are the two pillars of the BEBP. While the Tata Code of Conduct helps Tata companies become role models in ethical leadership, the TBEM framework helps them scale new heights of performance excellence.

TBEM is based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Model of the US. The Business Excellence Assessments, using the TBEM framework, has been an integral part of organisational management practices in the Tata group. They have been quietly assisting the leadership in strengthening the strategic and operational capabilities of Tata companies since its inception. The inclusive nature of the model, with its multi-stakeholder focus, has been inspiring companies to move up in their journey of excellence. The TBEM criteria is continually revised in response to the changing business environment and assists companies in keeping pace with the developments and increasing competitiveness. Since the inception of the TBEM assessments in 1994, the Tata Business Excellence Model has evolved along with the drivers of organisational competitiveness and long-term success.

The Tata group’s journey of excellence leveraging the TBEM framework acts as a glue that binds each part of the Group. It is a unique idea that brings customised value to the Group companies, company boards, CEOs, CXOs, Tata employees, and the partners in the journey, namely the assessment team that includes Mentors, Team Leaders, Assessors and Subject Matter Experts.

The Baldrige Foundation has now accorded Tata Sons as a founding member of the Mac Baldridge Society and lifetime trustee of the Baldridge Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence. Tata Sons Private Limited is the first international company recognised as a Founding Member.