DE Assessors and Champions Programme

The facilitator-led Data Excellence capability building programmes by Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) are geared towards preparing practitioners to have a deeper understanding of the Data Excellence Framework, including data, technology, process and people management, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhancing business performance.

TBExG conducts two such certification programmes:

  • Data Excellence Assessor Programme (DEAP)
  • Data Excellence Champion Programme (DECP)

Data Excellence Assessor Programme (DEAP)

The Data Excellence Assessor Programme (DEAP) is a 3-day classroom programme that enables participants to get a holistic view of the Tata Data Excellence Framework which is based on the TCS Datom™ framework. The programme also equips the participants with the relevant traits to be  successful data excellence assessors and conduct assessments of another Tata group company or their own company.

Who will benefit:

This programme is designed for data practitioners and business experts in middle management and senior management roles, who are interested in leveraging their expertise and domain knowledge to aid the Data Excellence journey of Tata group companies.

Participant takeaway:

  • Getting certified as a Data Excellence assessor within the Tata group
  • Honing the skills for business diagnosis and providing recommendations through the lens of Data Excellence and gauging the maturity level of an organisation
  • Familiarisation with Assessment tools and techniques
  • Understanding the key construct of data excellence to facilitate a data-driven organisation

Data Excellence Champion Programme (DECP)

The Data Excellence Champion Programme (DECP) is a 2-day classroom programme conducted in-house for a Tata group company, with the objective of creating data champions who can orchestrate and facilitate the data excellence journey within the organisation.

Who will benefit:

Designed for data practitioners across levels and functions who are business users of organisational data (performance management, MIS, finance, operations, sales, etc.) or are part of the data lifecycle management structure in the organisation (data stewards, data owners, analytics team members etc.)

Participant takeaway:

  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of the TCS Datom™ framework
  • Ability to gauge how data and analytics can assist business functions and verticals
  • Ability to analyse the data and analytics needs and define a set of prioritised data and analytics use cases based on the organisation’s strategy and data vision
  • Gaining skills to support the data excellence journey of the company

Company takeaway:

  • Identifying a prioritised list of interventions and building blocks to enable data-based decision-making in the organisation
  • Capability building and upskilling of a Cross Functional Team (CFT) comprising key business and IT experts, who can further define a detailed Data Excellence roadmap for the company
  • Promoting a culture of data-driven excellence

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