Improvement Interventions


Introduced in 2014, Tata Business Excellence Group’s (TBExG) Deep Dive offering helps Tata companies with relatively higher business excellence maturity improve and enhance performance through a detailed diagnostic investigation of their operations. The Deep Dive process focuses on specific areas that are important to the business of the company and examines them in greater detail.

The theme for the Deep Dive is chosen based on Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) assessment feedback, the inputs from the company boards during the TBEM process or the company’s own introspection from its leadership and strategy sessions.

Companies have used Deep Dives to get sharp insights and actionable recommendations to drive performance related to important strategic imperatives. Deep Dives are qualitatively different because the examining team comprises of subject matter experts (SMEs), assembled from within the group as well as from external sources.

Companies that have achieved significant scores in the TBEM assessment can choose to alternate between TBEM assessment and a Deep Dive to create a virtuous cycle of a head-to-toe assessment followed by a granular Deep Dive into important areas.

TBExG currently conducts Deep Dives in areas of strategic importance like:

Operations Excellence

Continuous improvement and transformation

Customer Centricity

The new paradigm for enhanced performance

HR Management

Contributing towards key outcomes of organisations

Strategy Deployment

Strategic planning for successful businesses