Improvement Interventions


Established in 2014, TBExG’s Improvement Interventions have emerged as a crucial catalyst in facilitating Tata companies' pursuit of performance excellence. This journey has become an integral part of the Business Excellence virtuous cycle, which has continually evolved over the years. It drives excellence endeavours through targeted Improvement Interventions also known as Deep Dives and enabling cross learning with in the Group through Best Practices Programme.

Deep Dive Engagements

The Deep Dive engagements under the broader umbrella of Improvement Interventions represent a profound and meticulous exploration of a company's operational intricacies, providing them with substantial enhancements in Business Excellence maturity and valuable recommendations, thereby elevating their overall performance. The Improvement Intervention process focuses on in-depth scrutiny of critical areas directly related to the company's core operations, which can yield significant improvements and impact the company’s operating performance.

The selection of themes for the Deep Dive engagements is a multi-faceted process, drawing from inputs such as the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) Assessment feedback, insights from company boards and the company's own reflective insights garnered from leadership and strategy sessions. These chosen themes are directly aligned with the strategic imperatives of the company’s business operations.

Deep Dives, as part of Improvement Interventions, have proven to be instrumental in providing companies with sharp insights and actionable recommendations that steer them towards enhanced performance in alignment with their strategic priorities.

What sets Deep Dives apart is the calibre of the examining team, which includes subject matter experts (SMEs) who are sourced both from within the group and external sources.

Companies that have attained notable scores in the TBEM Assessment have the flexibility to alternate between TBEM Assessments and Deep Dives, fostering a virtuous cycle of comprehensive, enterprise-wide end-to-end evaluation followed by granular, targeted exploration of critical areas. This synergy enhances their continuous journey toward excellence and organisational advancement.

Best Practice Implementation

The Tata Best Practices Programme has been focusing on facilitating implementation of best practices in different areas of importance across Tata companies. Leveraging this programme from TBExG, companies within the Tata group have an opportunity to propel themselves towards unparalleled success. Embracing the culture of continuous improvement, Tata companies can learn from one another's best practices, and implement them, thus optimising their performance to reach new heights of business excellence. The areas covered under Best Practices Implementation are Net Promoter Score, Processes for New Store Opening, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit, among many others. SMEs across the Group companies are leveraged who help recipient companies implement the practices.