BE Champion Capabilities

Business Excellence Framework for All

The Champion Programmes offered by TBExG enable leaders and managers to understand the TBEM framework in the backdrop of their own company's contexts, challenges, and imperatives. These programmes seek to unravel how to get the desired business results from the organisation’s key business processes by embracing Business Excellence as a way of life. Furthermore, they enable an ability to tune the linkages between strategically important areas (financial fitness, sustainability, digitisation, etc.) and organisation-level improvement initiatives.

Several organisations utilise these Champion Programmes to strengthen their internal Business Excellence capabilities and nurture the culture of excellence. These programmes are designed to disseminate maximum learning from the participant group. Thus, concepts and practices are deliberated through case studies, breakout sessions, and Best Practices. As these programmes are customised to the organisation's learning needs, they are mostly planned as in-house programmes.

The Champion Programmes are offered in two categories: Embracing Business Excellence (EBE) and Business Excellence Champion Programme (BECP). The former is designed for managers and executives to better appreciate the fundamentals of Business Excellence, Tata-ness, and Tata values. The latter is designed for senior executives and managers who are process owners, and helps them understand the enablers of their processes and improvement opportunities. The BECP programme serves as a stepping stone to generate significant effort for organisation-wide improvement, and live the TBEM way.

Based on the purpose and targeted audience, these programmes are structured as follows:

Some of the key functional modules include Customer management, Risk Management, Strategy Management, Leadership by Business Ethics; Innovation Management; Project Management; Daily Management and Process Improvement.

What is in it for me?

Being a Business Excellence Champion helps you to:

Participant Testimonials

I am going to apply the principles in my operational levels to increase the quality and productivity.

— Participant in EBEL

Very interactive session, and we had a good understanding of the subject. The programme was a mix of practice and TBEM essentials.

— Participant in BECP

BECP, EBEL and EBEM programmes are currently being facilitated through an in-house programme for a maximum of 20 participants.

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