eLearning Module (BEAM)

BEAM is an engaging and immersive self-paced learning experience.

Over the last few years, TBExG has been leveraging online learning content like web-based modules and video capsules to provide any-time learning opportunities and engage with a larger section of Tata colleagues seamlessly and efficiently. These blended self-paced e-learning modules offer an opportunity to learn new skills for Tata colleagues, when and how they want it.

The Business Excellence Appreciation Module (BEAM) aims to provide an enriching learning experience through a set of seven carefully curated modules. As the name suggests, the 220+ minutes of learning content has been designed to appreciate and understand the Group's Business excellence journey, the Business Excellence Framework, and the Assessment process. Over 17,000 Tata colleagues from 65+ companies have learned about the Business Excellence concepts leveraging the BEAM modules.

Participant Testimonials

"The programme gave insights into the Tata Business Excellence Journey. It was very exciting and I look forward to contributing to the excellence journey."

"These extremely informative trainings provide a good understanding of the Tata group's journey of excellence and TBEM Reference Manual. The Bluebook guides everyone through TBExG and its standards and practices followed across the Tata group."

These self-paced modules are available on the Tata Tomorrow University (TTU) website for all Tata colleagues. You will need to register at TTU to access this content. Click here to know how to register on TTU. The self-paced modules can be accessed through the below steps:

1. Click on the below path to login to Tata Tomorrow University

2. Sign in/log in using your registered company email ID and password

We request you to complete the module and explore the world of Business Excellence. Happy learning! If you need any help in accessing the modules, please reach out to tbexg.training@tata.com.