TAAP Convention

TAAP Convention 2024 honours businesses bridging gaps and building a more inclusive tomorrow

The Tata Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP) Convention 2024 took place on February 19, 2024 at Taj President, Mumbai, to honour the companies and people who drive the TAAP initiative in the communities that the Tata group operates in. The TAAP movement is increasingly important in today’s evolving social and economic landscape. The impact of TAAP initiatives that enable and empower underserved and marginalised communities in India is significant. As always, the Convention provided a platform for reflection on TAAP's journey, emphasising its achievements and impact. The event celebrated the progress made, paying tribute to leaders, teams, and organisations that have ardently championed TAAP. Through thought-engaging discussions and presentations, the Convention emerged as a forum for outlining future strategies, ensuring that TAAP remains a pioneering force in fostering a legacy committed to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Shreyas Desai, General Manager, TAAP Group Centre, Tata Business Excellence Group, set the context for the Convention and provided some key updates on TAAP’s journey so far.

Dr R A Mashelkar, Chair, TAAP Governing Council, then addressed the Convention. He spoke about the need for compassion to drive TAAP initiatives and how companies are slowly but surely increasing their focus to make our world a more equitable place. He thanked and congratulated the Assessment teams for their efforts in promoting and growing TAAP, stressing that “Speed, scale and sustainability matter for inclusive and accelerated growth.”

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons, presented the Jury Awards, Significant Adoption, and TAAP Adoption to the top performing companies this year, before he addressed the gathering.

Jury Award
Tata Steel
Significant Adoption
Tata Communications
Tata AutoComp Systems
Rallis India
TAAP Adoption
Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Jamshedpur Continuous Annealing & Processing Company
Tata Consulting Engineers Tata BlueScope Steel
Tata Medical and Diagnostics  

Commencing his address, N Chandrasekaran emphasised that the core objectives of the TAAP programme align with the nation's crucial goals, and characterised TAAP as a means of empowering individuals through the provision of opportunities. While expressing gratitude for the growing number of participating companies, he conveyed his desire to witness every Tata company wholeheartedly embrace TAAP. He underscored the immense potential for impact through TAAP, urging companies to engage with genuine intent and conviction.  

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The keynote speaker, Professor Anil K Gupta, Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN, National Innovation Foundation and Visiting Professor - IIM A, captivated the audience by sharing his journey in grassroots innovation. His address commenced with a call to action for Group businesses, urging them to break from conventional practices and embrace the courage to include and provide a platform for unconventional thinkers. He added that, through TAAP, businesses could evolve into 'seekers of potential’, emphasising that current capacity should not limit future creative imagination. Introducing the concept of the 'upload to download' ratio, he called on the importance for India to contribute more content rather than passively consume. “Sharing is in our DNA, our genes, and how much content companies share should become one of the metrics used for evaluation in TAAP assessments.”

This inspiring session was followed by recognitions where Group companies that demonstrated outstanding performance in the 'Best in Class for Individual E’s' category were duly recognised and felicitated.

Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, CHRO, Tata Electronics, then addressed the Convention to share Tata Electronics’ journey in advancing equity and inclusion. Addressing the challenges encountered, he elaborated on the initiatives undertaken to foster an all-woman workforce in the demanding industry of auto components. Amidst various noteworthy statistics, a standout moment was emphasised by Ranjan, stating, “The girls in our academic interface programme now had a place at the table back home”. This underscored the empowerment facilitated by such programmes, illustrating tangible progress and opportunities created within the organisation.

Following Ranjan’s presentation, the Convention proceeded to honour tribal home cooks who had gathered to showcase their diverse cuisines from various regions. Subsequently, the Best Practices awards were presented to companies that demonstrated exceptional performance, recognising and commending their achievements in the respective categories.

Taking the stage next, Sudipta Marjit, Group CHRO, Tata AutoComp Systems, shared the company's Affirmative Action (AA) journey, securing victories in three E’s within the Best in Class category. He elaborated on the company's approach to cultivating an inclusive culture with a steadfast focus on customer-centricity. Going beyond diversity initiatives, Sudipta highlighted the implementation of multiple programmes aimed at ensuring the overall wellbeing, both mental and physical, of the workforce. Emphasising the significance of wellbeing, especially in a context of substantial growth, “When you are growing at a 40% CAGR, wellbeing becomes a very important factor”, he said.

Sudipta’s presentation was followed by TAAP assessment teams receiving recognition for their exceptional efforts, and the inaugural Star Team Lead award was presented to acknowledge outstanding leadership.

The Convention concluded with Shreyas extending a vote of thanks. He congratulated winners and participating companies for their initiatives, expressing gratitude to all speakers for their inspiring and knowledge-filled sessions.