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Improvement Intervention at Tata Motors Finance

Published on January 11, 2022

Tata Motors Finance (TMFL), one of the largest commercial and personal vehicle loan providers in India, finances the entire range of Tata Motors Commercial and Passenger vehicles. As part of its mission to provide relevant customer-centric financial products and solutions that support the sustainable growth of the Tata Ecosystem, TMFL wanted to inculcate a culture of Continuous Improvement as a driving force for a corporate culture that promotes change within the organisation. It was keen on pursuing a diverse set of improvement areas like revenues/profitability/customer service aspects/process improvement (measures like cycle times/reduction of defects and complaints etc.) and customer and employee satisfaction.

TMFL team, working with the TBExG team, identified several strategic improvement and operational improvement projects to implement and check for alignment to strategic imperatives of the organisation…

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