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Empowering Excellence - Experienced BE Assessors engage and learn through EAP2024

Published on May 08, 2024

In preparation for the BE Assessments 2024, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) has convened high-performing Assessors for the Experienced Assessor Programmes (EAPs). This flagship programme aims to collectively recognise the critical imperatives in the Assessment process and equip experienced Assessors for the next cycle of BE Assessments.

Qualified Assessors with over five years of Assessment experience were invited to participate in either EAP Plus (EAP+2024) and others in EAP Regular (EAP2024). The binding principle behind EAP2024 reinforces the changes in the BE Assessment process and TBEM 2.0 criteria and Assessment process fundamentals and explores opportunities for an enhanced Assessment experience for all stakeholders across Tata group companies.

This year’s EAP & EAP+ programmes were designed to meet the following objectives:

EAP2024 EAP+2024
Reflections and changes in the Assessment process Reflections and changes in the Assessment process
Understanding TBEM 2.0 Understanding TBEM 2.0
Assessing operational technology and supply chain resilience Assessing data, digital and information technology
Assessing data, digital and information technology Assessing Intrapreneurship and talent management
Enhance NERD quality Changing role of an experienced Assessor

The EAP programme content design, overall flow, engagement and activities resonated with the participants' feedback. EAP+ participants mentioned that TBExG has elevated the programme's level and complexity, which indeed motivates and improves focus.

In the 10+ programmes facilitated in April 2024, 220+ experienced Assessors from 50+ Tata group companies attended. These programmes were planned in both online and classroom mode. Classroom sessions were planned in Mumbai (2 sessions), Pune and Jamshedpur.

The programmes were facilitated by a pool of experienced TBExG facilitators who focused on collective reflection on the Assessment process and helped participants understand fundamentals of the changes in TBEM 2.0. Several newer areas were introduced like data, digital and information technology, operational technology, Intrapreneurship and talent management.  

Learning Area Brief Description
Data, digital and information technology This session helped understand the fundamentals of any organisation's data, digital and technology journey. Areas like ‘right time’ data, data governance, cyber security postures, Gen AI, etc., were explained through Tata group Best Practices.
Operational technology This session utilised the APQC, and ASQE reports to understand how Assessors can appreciate the efforts made by Tata organisations in operational technology and supply chain resilience.
Intrapreneurship The enablers of ‘Intrapreneurship’ culture and its linkage and importance in Business imperatives were explained in this session. Enablers like organisational DNA/culture, ownership, accountability, empowerment, and financial liberty were explained through examples from Tata Group companies
Talent management This session helped understand the Group’s focus on people and talent management, to manage the workplace transition. Areas like critical roles in an organisation, readiness of identified talent, development, and deployment plans of talent, succession and career plans were explained through Tata group Best Practices.

Encouraging feedback was received from the participants on content development and overall experience.

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Participant Speak


  • “Everything went absolutely well with schedule and content despite it being an online mode of training. Break-out sessions were also conducted well for group exercises on teams through the facility available on the platform.”
  • “Specific, relevant changes in TBEM 2.0 with examples discussed to make the Assessors better prepared for Assessments.”


  • “I really like the balance between receiving knowledge, offering opportunities to reflect and a really good case study that will propel the Group towards intrapreneurship.”
  • “This was a very well-curated programme. I loved the approach, empathy and passion in dealing with the queries. Please keep up these excellent sessions.”