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Developing Business Excellence Competencies at Titan

Published on June 07, 2024

The Champion Programmes offered by TBExG enable leaders and managers to understand the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) framework in the backdrop of their own company's contexts, challenges, and imperatives. These programmes help understand how to get the desired business results by embracing Business Excellence (BE) as a way of life. They aim to enhance knowledge of BE fundamentals, raise awareness of process centricity and maturity, and build practical competencies around TBEM.

Titan sought the expertise of TBExG to utilise these Champion Programmes to strengthen their internal BE capabilities and nurture the culture of excellence. TBExG, Titan's L&D and BE teams came together to curate a learning agenda in alignment with Titan's talent development initiatives for nurturing leadership skills and enhancing understanding of fundamentals of BE. The programme design included a prework, discussion on HBR case studies from the retail industry, breakout sessions, and assessment. The prework consisted of e-modules on BE fundamentals and process analysis for the participants to reflect upon their processes. The learning agenda included awareness of the group's BE journey, Titan's participation in the BE movement, process management fundamentals, understanding process maturity through the TBEM framework, and fundamentals of process improvement. The programme was designed to ensure participants reflect upon their scope of work and identify and present improvement opportunities. The learning from the prework was deliberated during the class, and the participants enhanced their process analysis by leveraging the TBEM maturity concepts. This led to identifying 30+ strategically important improvement opportunities and helped Titan build transformation agents across the organisation.

The HR team, with help from Titan's leadership, shortlisted over 90 professionals from a wide range of functions and divisions, such as Customer Services, Sales and marketing, Product Design and Engineering, Merchandising, Operations Management, Purchasing and Procurement, Finance, Legal, and Strategy Planning. TBExG facilitated three BE Champion Programmes between December 2023 and January 2024. Each programme was for three days and facilitated at Titan's Integrity Corporate Office in Bengaluru.

Senior Titan Leaders and Mentors of the BE assessment process addressed the programmes. Ashok Sonthalia, Chief Financial Officer; Ajoy Chawla, Chief Executive Officer – Jewellery; and Suparna Mitra, Chief Executive Officer - Watches and Wearables; addressed each of the three sessions.

They motivated the attendees to apply the session's learnings in their professional roles and strive to become assessors. They also helped the participants understand the BE movement in Titan and how it can help achieve long-term strategic objectives. They shared their assessment experiences and acknowledged TBExG for developing a personalised learning journey for the Titan employees.

BU Leaders from Titan, team leaders, and experienced assessors addressed the sessions. C Panneerselvam, Head of Supply Chain and Procurement; Sabharatnam Narayan, Head of Retail Training; NE Sridhar, BE Head of Titan; and Sandeep Shinde, Head of Merchandise and Inventory at Tanishq, shared their experiences in the three sessions. All of them reiterated how they leverage the BE concepts in their day-to-day operations and how being an assessor has helped them to grow in their professional workspace.

The participants identified improvement projects on reducing TAT in the proto development process, enhancing supply chain effectiveness, improving TAT for hiring, leveraging data and analytics to ensure the best stock mix, resource management, and enhancing assembly and retail store operations, among others.

After each programme, the TBExG facilitators recommended participants for the upcoming assessor programmes based on their classroom participation and specially curated assessments. Over 35 participants were shortlisted, and ~60% attended the Assessor programmes in March and April 2024. The programmes successfully could serve the dual purpose of enhancing competency in BE and helping identify colleagues who could contribute as assessors in the group's BE journey.

The BECP programme participants were thoroughly engaged and delighted to be part of these learning initiatives at Titan. They shared encouraging feedback. The average Net Promoter Score for these sessions stood out at 81.

Participant Speak

Several employees underwent the BECP at Integrity and were intrigued and delighted by the content of the programme. Titan leveraged this as a filtration process to ensure only those who are interested and capable further advance to the BEAP, and the TBExG team effectively partnered with us in this process. The facilitators, who brought in a wealth of expertise in TBEM, delivered highly effective workshops, so much so that the participants constantly asked us when the BEAP would be scheduled. After an internal assessment conducted by TBExG, 24 participants completed the BEAP.

— Ganapathy C A, Manager - Leadership Development, Titan Company

Overall the content and delivery were good. ADLI, LeTCI & core concepts and values of TBEM were explained. The explanation of categories and criterion questions, history & purpose of TBEM and case studies were really interesting. Thanks a lot, the anecdotes used were really helpful to understand concepts well.

TBEM framework including excellence models, Kroger case study, Kano Model and so on were brilliantly explained. The sessions were very engaging. Overall had a good session and learned a lot.