BE Assessor Capabilities

Assessor Capabilities: Driving performance excellence like a leader

Each year, about 30 Tata group companies participate in the TBEM External Assessments or Dip Check Assessments to seek an outside-in view of their progress. These assessments are carried out by qualified
Assessors from the Tata group, who have domain expertise stemming from their varied industry and functional experiences.

Tata managers attend the Assessor programmes and learn about the Tata Business Excellence Model
criteria and assessment methodologies. The Assessors assess, evaluate and provide feedback to organisations, which comprise key insights that help organisations in their pursuit of Industry Leadership.

Being a Business Excellence Assessor – what is in it for me? 

Understand the TBEM framework Understand an organisation from a document
Develop capability for business diagnosis Develop holistic and systemic thinking
Learn to hypothesise situations & probabilities Develop ability to apply and modify systems
Master an ability to drive consensus Create a rich network for mutual gains
Be recognised by the group for your efforts Understand diverse businesses
Sharpen your subject matter expertise Enrich your role as a business leader

The Assessor Development Journey