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TBExG launches the Experienced Assessor Programme (EAP) for 2018 assessment cycle

Published on March 01, 2018

The Experienced Assessor Programme (EAP) has been the flagship programme of Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG), to collectively acknowledge the key imperatives facing the assessment process, and equip ourselves for the next round of assessment cycle. Assessment cycle 2018 of EAP was launched at TMTC, Pune, on February 22 and 23, 2018. High-performing assessors participated in this session which was facilitated by M Nagabhushan, Vice President, TBExG. 

Each year EAP rings in a new set of initiatives and thought process.  EAP2018 also introduced a new package with fresh ideas and innovative methodology. The details of the new calendar engaged the participants all through the two days and motivated them to not only reflect on the past but more essentially, gear up with newer areas of focus. The agenda for this year’s EAP would be centred on

  • Exploring possibilities for future (What we did right in 2017? what could be better in 2018?)
  • Changes in the Assessment Process
  • Introducing the TBEM Criteria for 2018-19
  • Zooming into the ‘Notes’
  • How to make best out of the teams, the BELBIN way
  • Best Practices of assessment teams
  • Processing key themes
  • Assessing cyber security
  • Sharpening our ability to prepare Maturity Matrix (ADLI and LeTCI)

The first programme of assessment cycle 2018 was appreciated by the participants as an enriching, exciting and experiential engagement. It has successfully laid the foundation for what would be an interesting voyage of discovering new shores of performance excellence.

The forthcoming programmes are as follows:

Programme id Date City
EAP Jsr -2 12-13 Mar 2018 Jamshedpur
EAP Blr – 1 12-13 Mar 2018 Bengaluru
EAP Mum – 2 15-16 Mar 2018 Mumbai
EAP Pune – 2 15-16 Mar 2018 Pune
EAP Mum - 3 5-6 April 2018 Mumbai
EAP Jsr -3 5-6 April 2018 Jamshedpur
EAP Jsr – 4 9-10 April 2018 Jamshedpur
EAP Mum – 4 12-13 April 2018 Mumbai

To participate in any of the above mentioned programmes, write to Subhrajit Basu at