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TBExG conducts BE Practitioners Programmes across Tata International’s business units

Published on August 22, 2017

Eight Business Practitioners Programmes were facilitated by Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) for Tata International from May to August 2017. Spread across the company’s major business units, it covered divisions and locations, viz. Bicycle (Ludhiana), Metals (Kolkata, London and Illinois), Solar (Mumbai), Leather (Chennai and Dewas) and Minerals (Mumbai). The aim of these programmes was for Tata International to build Business Excellence capabilities in its diverse range of businesses, located across the world and embarking on a renewed journey to business excellence. The programmes touched 189 employees across the company’s businesses.

The programme contents were customised based on the focus areas and nuanced needs of the locations and divisions. It also covered the fundamentals of Business Excellence, importance of an organisation profile, value chain, process and result maturity. The guided discussions and group work also enabled the teams to initiate the TBEM assessment application writing process by aligning the entire organisation to the strategic context of the company.

The programmes were sponsored and guided by Tata International’s BU Heads and were facilitated by a contingent of TBExG facilitators which included Abhijit Mitra, Devraj Chattaraj, Gareth Symons, Gautam Gondil, NK Sharan, Sanjeev Singh, Shaun Thomas, Shreyas Desai, Subhrajit Basu and Vinod Kumar.

All the programmes were highly appreciated by the sponsors and participants.

Participant speak

  • Many thanks for coming to Schaumburg and leading a delightful TBEM awareness programme. Most of our employees are new and are not fully exposed to TBEM. This was a big eye opener for TBEM and many skeptics are won over. A big job well done!

—  Murat Askin, President, Tata International Metals (Americas) Limited

  • I would like to thank Vinod and TBExG for making the programme engaging and interesting. It exceeded my expectations.

—  Sabyasachi Mishra, Tata International, Minerals division, Mumbai

  • The participants enjoyed the 3-day session with TBExG. Being their first exposure to TBEM, there was a lot to grasp for the team and they would surely use the learning to improve their processes and systems.

—  Rahul Gupta, Tata International, Bicycle division, China