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Experienced Assessors programme launched in preparation for BE Assessment 2023

Published on April 02, 2023

The Experienced Assessor Programme (EAP) has always been a flagship offering from Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) and a popular programme among the assessor community. The programme's primary purpose is to appreciate the TBEM criteria changes and reflect on past assessment cycles and experimentations in the assessment process. It also serves as an avenue to prepare for the next cycle by deliberating on specific areas and concepts of the assessment process to deliver superior value.

In preparation for assessments 2023, 10 Experienced Assessors Programmes (EAP2023) have been planned through online and physical classroom sessions in April. 200+ high performing assessors are invited for these programmes post confirmation from their CQH/BEH. This year, the programme has been specially designed to ensure maximum learning through collaboration, case studies and interactive sessions and includes the following learning areas:

  • Business Excellence Assessment 2022 - Reflections and Imperatives
  • Sustainability Fundamentals and Changes in the TBEM Reference Manual 2022-2023 
  • Assessing Organisation’s Efforts on Innovation 
  • Back to Basics - Result Matrix and NERD Writing
  • Focus on Cyber Excellence in TBEM Assessments

Like last year, the EAP Plus has also been designed for BE assessors who have participated in at least four TBEM external assessments. A special session has included key topics like leveraging financial analysis in assessments. The first EAP was launched on April 4, 2023, at Taj President, Mumbai, and was appreciated by the participants as an enriching, exciting and experiential engagement. It has laid the foundation for a fascinating voyage of customised, collaborated and celebrated assessments in 2023.

Programme Location Date (April)
EAP2023 Batch 2 Mumbai 12
EAP2023 Batch 3 Pune 13
EAP2023 Batch 4 Jamshedpur 13
EAP2023 Batch 5 Online 18 & 19
EAP2023 batch 6 Bangalore 18
Programme Location Date (April)
EAP2023 Batch 7 Online 20
EAP2023 Batch 8 Online 24 & 25
EAP+2023 Batch 1 Mumbai 17
EAP+2023 Batch 2 Online 24 & 25



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Participant speak

The design of the EAP-2023 program was very good and excellent knowledge-sharing session on the requirement of new inclusions like Sustainability, Innovation, Cyber security, etc which will help us to assess the coming assessment.