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Assessors and Champions continue their Business Excellence Capability Building learning journey through online platforms

Published on July 08, 2020

While the world is coming to terms with the impact of COVID-19, the learning spree around Business Excellence continues within the Tata Group. In the last three months, 280+ Tata employees have experienced the virtual learning mode in 14 programmes and appreciated the design and delivery which were revisited end-to-end. Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) has been experimenting with online platforms over the last few years and the preparedness helped to quickly adapt to the current situation and ensure continuity in the learning agenda.

Experienced assessors embraced the online platform by attending the EAP2020 online programmes. The participants appreciated the refined learning pedagogy which was a combination of preview video capsules and pre-reads, followed by online classroom interactions. The technology was leveraged in these programmes by adopting features like live polls and whiteboards. In June, the first-ever online Business Excellence Assessor Programme (BEAP) was attended by 23 engaged participants from seven companies. The classroom session was redesigned into seven modules facilitated over six days. It was redesigned to ensure continuous engagement and purpose-led collaboration across the modules. Many firsts were appreciated, some of them being convenient scheduling, 100% online assessments, polls, quiz, prework-led breakout sessions and e-handbooks (flipbooks). These have enabled an immersive learning experience. Encouraging feedback has paved the path for another online BEAP in August 2020.

Champions programmes that aim to embrace and apply business excellence in the companies were also not far behind. Air Asia and TM International Logistics continued to leverage the opportunity of learning through the online mode. The customised in-house programmes were carefully planned and scheduled focusing on the learning pedagogy, participant profile and convenience. The Air Asia India programme has enabled 45+ Tata employees to appreciate the fundamentals of Business Excellence, celebrate ‘Tataness’ and ‘Excellence’ as a value. Participants appreciated how the programme has enabled to deliberate their critical systems and identify improvement opportunities, while in the other programme the leadership team of TM International Logistics focused on the Benchmarking process and its importance for the organisation over six modules. The programme also included best practice sharing sessions from Titan and Tata Power on how they have leveraged Benchmarking in their key processes.

Given the uncertainty around the pandemic, sudden mass shift in working patterns and continued interest in Business Excellence Capability Building programmes, TBExG’s efforts will be to further enhance online programmes from design to delivery. All versions of Assessors and Champions programmes are planned leveraging this platform for the next 9-12 months. The ‘new normal’ will be different even when the situation gets better. The future will have self-paced modules, providing learning autonomy to participants in a smooth delivery. For any queries regarding various programmes facilitated by TBExG, please contact