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First regional BE Heads Meet held in Mumbai to accelerate the business excellence journey

Published on March 14, 2017

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) organised the first regional BE Heads Meet in Bombay House, Mumbai on March 9, 2017. This one day event, which was the sixth overall BE Heads Meet for FY16-17, was organised to give the BE Heads a platform to share their experiences, learnings, and insights in business excellence. A total of 15 BE Heads from as many Tata companies based in Mumbai and Pune attended the meeting.

Saurav Chakrabarti, General Manager and BE Head, TBExG, presided over the session and began by reiterating the importance of knowledge sharing among BE Heads of various Tata companies, thereby improving the processes of TBExG. He then went on to speak about the new BEBP compliance statement and its importance in ensuring the protection of the Tata brand. The logic and concept of integrated and independent assessment was also discussed in this session.

Up next, NK Sharan, Vice President, TBExG, spoke about the importance of the BE plan in accelerating the BE excellence journey in an organisation. Subsequently, BE Heads of Tata Communications, Tata Steel Thailand and Tata Advanced Materials (TAML) presented their respective BE plans. Suresh Gupta from Tata Communications emphasised on the importance of undertaking critical organisational initiatives as part of the BE plan. Amit Khanna spoke about the creation, deployment and review mechanism of the BE plan in Tata Steel Thailand. Ramesh Jaiswara from TAML, took the participants through the company’s BE plan and demonstrated how it is aligned to the organisational objectives for achieving Vision 2020.

The next session was an open discussion on the role of BE Heads as change managers. Abhijit Mitra, CEO and BE Head, Infinity Retail, spoke of the importance of enablers and processes and how they can help in attaining organisational goals. He also spoke of the practice ‘power of 3’ and how it is helping Infinity Retail in its excellence journey. Vivek Talwar from Tata Power then went on to explain the Tosti model and how organisation culture supports or impacts strategy deployment. In addition to these discussions, all the BE Heads enriched the session through their valuable inputs.

The meet ended with Mr Chakrabarti thanking the attendees for their presence and participation.