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TNF India - North organises workshop on mitigating climate change

Published on November 17, 2023

In a continued commitment to fostering the spirit of business excellence and knowledge sharing across Tata companies, Tata Network Forum (TNF) India - North organised an insightful workshop on ‘Mitigating climate change’. The workshop, held at the Tata Motors office in Gurgaon on October 25, 2023, brought together senior officials from various Tata companies to engage in discussions, gain knowledge and collectively work towards a sustainable and responsible future.

The workshop, chaired by Rohit Khosla, Executive Vice President, IHCL, and Chairman of TNF India - North, and Uma Gupta, Officer Client Support, Group Government Affairs, Tata Sons, and the convener of TNF India - North, proved to be a remarkable gathering of like-minded professionals passionate about addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

One of the key highlights of the event was the presence of Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO of Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL), who took the stage as a keynote speaker. He provided a brief yet comprehensive understanding of the power sector and highlighted key initiatives undertaken by the company. He also shed light on the commendable efforts of Tata Power-DDL as a sustainable and responsible power distribution company. His insights inspired all participants to reflect on the power sector's role in addressing climate change.

Following Mr Srinivasan's enlightening speech, the workshop featured Abhishek Goyal, General Manager, Environment Services at Tata Sustainability Group (TSG), as the subject matter expert. He delivered an engaging session that delved into the various sustainability initiatives implemented across Tata companies globally. He also discussed the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2045 under Project Aalingana, emphasising the Tata group's commitment to a sustainable future.

To make the workshop more interactive and engaging, a quiz was conducted by Kunal Pareek, HoD (BE & TQM) and Syed Hasan, HoG-EaaS (Marketing & Implementation) from Tata Power-DDL, wherein all participants participated enthusiastically. The quiz not only tested their knowledge but also served as a fun and collaborative way to reinforce the key takeaways from the workshop.

As the event drew to a close, Dipanwita Ray, Head of CEM, CS, VAS & EaaS, Tata Power-DDL, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their active involvement in the workshop. Her vote of thanks marked the end of a highly productive and insightful event that undoubtedly left all attendees with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in mitigating climate change.

The TNF India - North workshop exemplified the Tata group's unwavering commitment to addressing one of the most critical global challenges. Through knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts, Tata companies are poised to make a significant impact in the journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future.