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Trent and TSUISL takes a leap in the pursuit of Cyber Excellence

Published on November 02, 2023

With rapid technological advancements and increased digital adoption, companies now face higher risk and complex variations of cyber attacks. Traditional cybersecurity practices are no longer adequate. Additionally, the adoption of the cloud, boundary-less networks, and connected devices has increased the threat surface, exposing companies to newer risks.

In order to be prepared for dealing with such risks, Tata companies are focusing on Cyber Excellence, by undergoing Cyber Excellence Assessments using the Tata Cyber Excellence Framework, which is based on the TCS’ Blue Tick framework. Trent and Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services (TSUISL) were the first companies to successfully conclude such an Assessment. Meanwhile, Assessments are in progress for Tata Unistore, Tata AutoComp Systems and Tata AIG General Insurance Company.

These Assessments are facilitated by a five-member Assessors’ team who are certified by Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG), and supported by TCS cyber security practice subject matter experts (SMEs).

The Trent team was led by Sanjay Pai, VP, Tata AIG General Insurance Company and had Srimant Acharya, Head - Enterprise Vulnerability Management, Digital Forensics, TCS Cybersecurity, as the TCS SME. The company warmly welcomed the Assessment results, and the insights gained have contributed significantly to charting a roadmap for its progress in Cyber Excellence. In his remarks, P. Venkatesalu, CEO, Trent, said: “Really glad to be the first in the group to have embarked on this journey. Compliments for coming up with a framework for a group like ours. Very healthy to be challenged with the feedback. It’s very important and relevant. Let’s make this journey a continuous process. Thanks to the team for their commitment, enthusiasm, and support.”

The TSUISL Assessment was led by Senthilkumar Raman, Senior Architect - IT Digital Solutions, Tata Technologies, with Bulbul Das, Consultant, TCS Cybersecurity, as the TCS SME. The Assessment was very well received by the company, and this will help it frame a roadmap going forward in its Cyber Excellence journey. Ritu Raj Sinha, MD, TSUISL remarked: “Very comprehensive feedback, and this assessment opens up windows for us to accelerate on this journey. We can learn a lot from the platform. Two years down the line, in the next assessment, we will understand whether we have progressed on the suggestions and will thank this team for showing us the way forward.”

The ever-evolving landscape of technology and digital transformation has necessitated a fundamental shift in how companies approach cybersecurity. The Cyber Excellence Assessment within the Tata group is not only carried out by using an advanced framework, but the process is tailored to the unique needs of diverse businesses. The commitment of Tata companies to undergo such rigorous Assessments demonstrates their dedication to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity best practices. In an interconnected world, where data and technology are central to success, these efforts ensure that the Tata group remains well-prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital future, with Cyber Excellence at the core.