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Tata SMEs embark on the journey to becoming Tata Cyber Excellence Assessors

Published on July 04, 2023

The three-day Cyber Excellence Assessor Programme (CEAP) held in Mumbai from 21-23 June 2023, brought together 25 SMEs from 14 Tata group companies. The programme was organised to enhance the participants' expertise as Cyber Excellence assessors, thereby helping group companies with Cyber Excellence assessments. The programme commenced with a thought-provoking context setting by Sanjeev Singh, Vice President, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG), who emphasised the significance of the subject in today’s context. Mr Singh encouraged the participants to engage in the group’s cyber excellence journey not only as an assessor, but also in learning and sharing best practices.

The engaging programme was co-facilitated by Subhrajit Basu, General Manager, TBExG, Sushant Malik, Senior Manager, TBExG and Saikumar Swamy, DGM, Group Digital. The key sections of the learning pedagogy included the assessment process, deep diving into the Tata Cyber Excellence Framework, scoring system, feedback comments writing and site visit planning, to name a few. The entire programme was designed using the principles of adult learning facilitation and included multiple group exercises, learning through games, and role plays.  

Vinod Kapote, Head, Information Technology, Trent Ltd, also shared his experience of the first cyber excellence assessment in the group and encouraged everyone to engage in the process with the highest degree of commitment. Mr Kapote highlighted the positive impact the assessment had on Trent’s focus on cyber security.

Debasish Das, CISO, OTON, TCS, shared his perspectives on Cyber Strategy, which is a key aspect of the framework. Mr Das also introduced the comprehensive self-assessment tool to the participants.

In conclusion, the participants provided a comprehensive summary of CEAP 2023, highlighting the key takeaways from the programme. They shared their learnings and outlined their action plan for the future. The programme proved to be an invaluable platform for enhancing expertise and insights related to cyber security within the Tata group. With the standardised framework and the exchange of best practices, the participating companies will be better equipped to safeguard the digital landscape against cyber threats.

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