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Tata Coffee partners with TBExG to craft its customer promise and roadmap

Published on July 04, 2019

In view of the long term vision of creating a global footprint in customer acquisition/retention as well as manufacturing operations and continued focus on value of ‘customer focus’, Tata Coffee engaged Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) to conduct a Deep Dive study of customer processes across its products, its uniform understanding and uniform dissemination across the organisation, including the back end processes.

While institutionalising the study, members of the senior management team at Tata Coffee expressed the need to have a clear and unified communication for employees as well as external stakeholders on the Customer Promise that the company stands for. A team from TBExG mapped the customer value chain and identified the key participants to interact during the study and seek inputs from the key stakeholders. The Deep Dive primarily focused on key customer facing processes to understand and map customer expectations through discussions with functional teams across Instant Coffee, Green Coffee, Pepper and Tea businesses. To assess the customer culture across the operations, a Customer Centric Culture survey was conducted across the employees to have insights about customer-centric processes and initiatives.

The key findings of the study highlighted the various attributes that Tata Coffee is known for, and those attributes were mapped to customers’ expectations to arrive at key attributes to strengthen the Customer Promise.

TBExG recently also facilitated a Customer Promise workshop, sharing key findings, best practices from world-class B2B organisations on key customer processes, identifying the areas of improvement and new avenues of engaging with customers. The workshop was attended by 30 senior leaders across the locations. This workshop helped Tata Coffee identify the key initiatives through cross-functional team activities, for strengthening the current Customer Promise. The areas of improvement included the action points for the sales & marketing team as well as other functions such as purchase, manufacturing, QA, new product development etc.

The various improvement initiatives are identified, prioritised and rolled out according to suitable timelines. These will help Tata Coffee improve the customer experience.