Online Module on Data Centricity

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to accelerate the Tata Group’s journey of excellence through strategic and data-driven initiatives. At a special webinar in September 2020, members from both the companies spoke on the topic of Business Excellence through Data Centricity. TBExG also launched a web training module on the TCS DATOMTM framework. Senior leaders from TBExG and TCS attended this special session, including S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, TBExG, Krishnan Ramanujam, President and Head of Business & Technology Services, TCS, and Dinanath Kholkar, Vice President & Global Head, Analytics & Insights, TCS.

Data has become a strategic asset for enterprises today. Data and analytics are powerful tools to enhance customer experience, innovate ecosystems, and minimise risk. Data Centricity for business excellence is a new area of focus that builds the foundational strength needed for digital transformation.

TCS is pioneering the data revolution through its DATOMTM model. It offers organisations a customised framework and techniques for establishing an effective data and analytics programme. Mr Ramanujam spoke about the importance of data in today’s business ecosystem. Speaking about how data, present in abundance with entities, can be relied upon to solve complex problems of scale, he provided insights on how data centricity can be a better strategy compared to dependence on scarce resources such as capital, inventory, etc.

Mr Kholkar explained the DATOMTM framework in detail, including its scope, strategy and future roadmap. DATOMTM is an industry-defining tool with the potential to become a benchmark. The highlight of Mr Kholkar’s address was the articulation about how the framework was aiding the implementation of data-driven governance initiatives operated by the Tata Trusts, such as the Smart City programme.

He further elaborated on the assessments of 11 Tata companies made under the framework, with TBExG’s help. The assessments, a mandatory element of the framework, play a critical role in evaluating the organisation’s data maturity on four broad areas — people, technology, process and data, which is further broken down into 23 key result areas.

Mr Padmanabhan then launched the web training module on the DATOMTM framework. The module, part of TBExG’s learning management system, will help employees within the Tata Group enhance their capabilities and improve understanding of not only the DATOMTM framework but also how data can be utilised to improve efficiencies in their respective organisations. The module provides an opportunity for every Tata employee to learn the elements of a globally acclaimed framework, and improve their understanding of data maturity.

This web training module is now available to all Tata employees through iLearn. To participate, visit the iLearn section after logging into In case of any queries, please write to Swaminathan Gopal at