Web Module on Data Excellence

In 2018, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), to develop a Data Excellence model based on the proprietary TCS Datom™ framework, to help Tata companies understand their maturity level towards evolving into a data-driven organisation.

In an effort to facilitate a basic understanding of the TCS Datom™ framework across the vast hierarchies of Tata group companies, TBExG, along with TCS, launched a web module – ‘Business Excellence through Data Centricity’, in September 2020.

Today, every organisation is focusing on data and analytics by building enterprise-level capabilities, increasing access and availability of data and adopting analytics. Data has become a strategic asset, and analytics has become a powerful tool to enhance customer experience, innovate ecosystems, and minimise risk. The Data Excellence model is focused on building the foundational elements needed for this digital transformation.

With data and analytics becoming the core of everyday business processes and decision-making, the reach of this web module needs to be expanded across the length and breadth of the organisations.

Considering the requirements of new-age learners and feedback received from multiple stakeholders, TBExG has revamped this online course to make it simpler to understand and more engaging and interactive for the participants. This is a self-paced course consisting of multiple modules, covering various aspects of the Data Excellence model. The course also consists real-life examples and use cases to aid in the adoption of the principles of data excellence in one’s day-to-day job.

This online course is available to all Tata employees and can be accessed under the Capability Building Hub after logging into tatabex.com. It can also be launched directly through the link - Introduction to Data Excellence

In case of any queries, please write to Deep Seth at deep.seth@tata.com or Remya Mudliar at remya.mudliar@tata.com.