BE Practitioner Capabilities

Practitioner Capabilities: TBEM for all

While Assessors use TBEM to generate insights during a diagnostic exercise, Practitioners need them to shape the action that enhances performance excellence in an organisation.

The Practitioner programmes offered by TBExG enable senior executives and managers to understand the TBEM framework in the backdrop of their own company’s contexts, challenges and imperatives. These programmes seek to unravel how to get the desired business results from some of the most important business processes of an organisation. Furthermore, they enable an ability to tune the linkages between strategically important areas and organisation-level improvement initiatives.

TBExG’s Practitioner programmes come in two packages: Embracing Business Excellence and Business Excellence Practitioner Programme.

The former is designed for managers and executives in order to enable a deeper appreciation of the fundamentals of Business Excellence, Tataness and Tata values. The latter is designed for senior executives and managers who run key functions of an organisation.

Being a Business Excellence Practitioner helps you to:

  • Understand the principles of business excellence, and how it supports high performance
  • Appreciate the TBEM framework and the values on which it has been established
  • Critically look at the design and management of organisational processes
  • Recognise diversity in businesses and functions
  • Develop systems thinking, and an ability to act holistically
  • Connect the dots in the organisation’s environment that can multiply outcomes
  • Enrich one’s own role as a business manager and make the TBEM principles come alive