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Webinar on the Tata Communications' way of selling

Published on June 27, 2021

Tata Communications has devised and introduced a unique and scientific process for selling its business offerings to customers worldwide — called Tata Communications Way of Selling (TCWoS).

Rajeev Kumar Sinha, VP - Customer Success Group, Tata Communications, provided insights about the TCWoS programme in a stimulating EDGE Webinar on June 23, 2021.

After explaining the rationale and need for such a programme, Mr Sinha elaborated on the DNA of TCWoS and the programme's methodology. Starting from building credibility for Tata Communications in the customer's minds to introducing its potential solution and finally getting the prospect to commit, the programme follows a structured approach. Each step in the process is conceptualised and executed with a definite start and desired end to capitalise on the customer's emotions.

After introducing it in FY'19, Tata Communications trained the workforce across different teams on the TCWoS to embed the practice in the organisation. As a result, Tata Communications has experienced a positive business impact with significantly higher Net Promoter Scores and an increased share of its customer's purse. TCWoS has led to solution-oriented conversations leading to long-term relationships and multi-year contracts with customers.

Buoyed by the TCWoS' success, Tata Communications is planning to launch TCWoS 2.0 in this financial year, which, as articulated by Mr Sinha, will act as a crisp and relevant refresher for newer audiences.