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Voltas’ webinar on customer service excellence practices

Published on September 19, 2022

On September 14, 2022, Jogesh Jaitly, Vice President, Sales- Service and Logistics, Voltas, and Girish Shah, Senior General Manager, Service, Voltas, conducted an EDGE webinar where they shared best practices for achieving customer service excellence. The webinar was attended by 260+ employees across 44 Tata companies. The purpose of this webinar was to help expand customer service knowledge by providing insights on the key imperatives in customising and creating new approaches to build customer engagement using preferred channels.

Customer service excellence is not just about delivering a great customer experience. It’s about changing how you think about your customers and creating a culture of continuous improvement. To drive sustainable growth, companies must invest in their people and create an environment where employees feel empowered to deliver exceptional service. Achieving customer service excellence requires a mindset and culture shift. Many companies focus on technology, but real change comes from people. The webinar gave practical tips to help change the mindset and culture to achieve customer service excellence. One way to improve your customer service is by adopting the practices of companies with a reputation for excellence in this area. One such company is Voltas, a leading provider of technology-driven solutions for customer experience management and business process optimisation.

The speakers focused on strategies to enable digital-first customer service. This includes digital enablement of the entire customer journey, from the first touch point to post-transaction follow-up and everything in between. They gave insights into how companies leverage Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a critical metric for measuring customer satisfaction across multiple touchpoints.

The importance of customer service excellence has never been more critical. Customer experience is the new battleground for brand loyalty and growth. To effectively compete in a highly competitive market, companies must deliver outstanding service while managing costs. This webinar explored the latest trends in improving customer experience through technology-driven approaches that can help companies improve their customer satisfaction initiatives.

Voltas’ webinar on customer service excellence practices provided insights into how you can develop technicians to be your brand ambassadors. The session included an analysis of how Voltas has been able to take its customer service experience to the next level through enhanced call centre performance and practical approaches. You can enhance your technicians’ skills using Voltas’ innovative methods such as the remote support tool, knowledge base and video tutorials. This will help them provide a better customer experience. With an extensive portfolio of products and services designed to support critical business applications, Voltas helps customers achieve greater efficiency and better decision-making.

Delivering an excellent customer experience isn’t something that happens by accident. It requires a clear vision and strategy, as well as the right tools and processes.  The first step towards building a world-class customer service operation is to benchmark against others in your industry. This webinar helped identify areas where you can improve and showcase best-in-class practices from the organisation. Customer service is a competitive advantage. To compete in today’s world, companies must deliver outstanding customer experiences. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do so. The highly interactive and engaging webinar unravelled a range of insights and concluded with a Q/A round.