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TBExG’s Learning Mission takes delegates to Cisco, SAP Labs, Tata Elxsi and more

Published on March 29, 2019

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) conducted a Learning Mission to a few prominent companies and research facilities based in Bengaluru as part of the objective to foster learning and cross-pollination of ideas. The Learning Mission, held from March 12-15, 2019, was based on the theme ‘Technology for Future’, and was attended by 31 delegates from 20 Tata companies. The companies visited include Cisco, SAP Labs India, Tata Elxsi and TESCO. Delegates also visited research facilities such as the Philips Innovation Campus, TCS Research & Innovation Lab and the Centre for NeuroScience at Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

The delegates commenced their Learning Mission with a visit to the Cisco facility where the technology major’s programmes such as Estore and Smart support were showcased. The delegates also got to learn about Cisco’s bespoke software solution, Agile, and were able to visit the Security Experience Centre and Operations Command Centre.

On the agenda next was the Philips Innovation Campus, a major innovation hub of the MNC, where presentations and demonstrations about India Innovations such as Heart Safe City, Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring, IntelliSpace Consultative Critical Care, Imaging Clinical Applications Platform Applications, etc. took place. The delegates ended their day with an overview of the Philips HealthWorks programme aimed at empowering start-ups to scale ideas to innovations so as to underwrite healthcare transformation.

On day 2, the delegates visited SAP Labs to understand how digitisation and innovation is creatively disrupting our world. The session also consisted of discussions on intelligent enterprise strategy and new technologies, the induction of Leonardo and technologies, customer experience matters, etc. The delegates then toured the Leonardo Experience Centre and the SAP start-up studio. S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, TBExG, was also present over WebEx for the opening session, and thanked the SAP team for hosting the Tata delegates.

On day 3, the delegates visited Tata Elxsi and TESCO Business Services. At the Tata Elxsi facility, the team understood the company’s businesses and got a first-hand view of various new technologies being developed. The team also visited the Tata Elxsi Experience Centre.

At the TESCO facility, the delegates were provided an overview of TESCO’s business services and technology, which was followed by sessions on digital transformation, data driven decision making and technology innovations. Delegates also took a tour of the Network Operations Centre to understand real-time actions on the floor.

The delegates got the opportunity to interact with Mr Padmanabhan in the evening, during which they shared their experience and learning from the mission, and highlighted the specific areas where the learning could be leveraged in their respective companies.

On day 4, the delegates visited the TCS Research & Innovation Lab where demo sessions of sensor drones, robotics, optical sensing, mobile sensing and, mind & wellness took places.

The delegates rounded-off the Learning Mission with a visit to the Centre for NeuroScience at Indian Institute of Science (IISC). In addition to enhancing their knowledge about neuroscience-related subjects such as the neuroscience of perception, neuroscience of memory and cognitive neuroscience, the delegates visited IISC’s labs to learn about the research being done at the prestigious institution.

The Learning Mission received positive feedback, and delegates indicated that they would go back to their respective companies with many best practices to implement.

Participant speak

“The Learning Mission gave me the vision of the future. I understood how technology plays a key role in expanding human life span and making the earth a much better and happier place to live. This was also an excellent opportunity to meet great people across the Tata group. The App is a great place to go and recollect all the sessions.
— Subhasis Patra, Tata UniStore

Thank you to the entire TBExG team for providing me with this opportunity. It was a great experience. There were a lot of takeaways from the four days. It was a pleasure meeting people from different companies. Looking forward to many more such Learning Missions in the future.
— Megha Bindal, Tata Chemicals

“This was a really great learning and networking opportunity we received during the Learning Mission. While we got the opportunity to learn from some of the leaders in their own fields, we are also privileged to understand better from two of our group companies. I am sure this Mission would spark lot of collaboration among ourselves and help each one of us in our digital journey. I would give full credit to TBExG for all the good work.”
— Amit Kumar Khan, mJunction

“This was indeed a good opportunity for all of us to be a part of the Tata Learning Mission to Bengaluru. I personally learnt a lot from different companies and will try to implement some of the learning in our organisation with the help of the TCS/Tata Elxsi team. Thank you to the TBExG team for organising such a wonderful programme.”
— Sushil Kumar, Tinplate

“It was a great Learning Mission. The content was very relevant to the current scenario. Thank you to the entire TBExG team. Providing the opportunity to meet Tata leaders from various companies made it so meaningful and lively. Many takeaways from here. Looking forward to be connect and meet again.
— Vidya Hegde, Rallis