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Tata Steel leverages TBExG’s professional services firm membership with APQC to get its KM framework benchmarked

Published on April 22, 2020

Tata Steel has been selected for the 2020 honours list for ‘Excellence in Knowledge Management’ by the American Productivity & Quality Centre (APQC). The annual award recognises companies worldwide for the systems and processes implemented as a part of their knowledge competency framework. Tata Steel is among the 10 global organisations named for the prestigious award this year.

The award is based on an analysis from APQC’s Knowledge Management Capability Assessment Tool (APQC’s KM CAT), which provides an evidence-based methodology, to measure and evaluate Knowledge Management (KM) competencies. The KM CAT looks at various aspects covering 12 competencies to assess organisations’ KM processes through a five-step maturity model. Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) facilitated the participation of Tata Steel in this KM CAT as part of its professional services firm membership benefits.

Tata Steel was desirous of getting an external perspective on its KM process as well as understand the best practices required to achieve aspirational maturity. This motivated it to participate in APQC’s KM CAT and challenge the 'Excellence in Knowledge Management' (KM) award. The eight-month journey, starting from July’19, began with the submission of a comprehensive survey by Tata Steel's TQM team post which there were online assessments and validations by APQC experts.

Participant Speak

We are proud to receive the recognition of excellence from APQC. This recognition will further motivate us in our continued pursuit to strengthen the management of organisational knowledge, steering us ahead towards creating a passion for learning.

—  Avneesh Gupta, Vice President, Total Quality Management & Shared Services, Tata Steel.

About APQC membership benefits

As part of the membership benefits, every Tata employee can access research studies and benchmarking databases, including best practices research reports, tools and other unique content based on primary research spanning 70 process areas, which include:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Process and Performance Management
  • Supply Chain Management

The membership also enables Tata employees to:

  • Access Open Standards Benchmarking (OSB) assessments
  • Access Rapid Performance Assessments (RPAs)
  • Develop an ability to leverage content with companies
  • Develop Knowledge Management capabilities and use the assessment tool
  • Network through a community of peers
  • Gain insight into APQC's expert perspectives
  • Get one-on-one guidance
  • Get opportunities to submit their content

TBExG's professional services firm membership with APQC can help companies within the Tata fold to benchmark their processes and systems against the best in the world. It will, in turn, enable them to leverage their capabilities and also explore areas of improvement. Tata companies will do well to take a look into APQC's membership suite to gain a better understanding of their offerings.

Interested companies/employees can visit and register with their official email ID. For queries on how to use APQC, please contact Devraj Chattaraj at