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Tata Sky’s webinar on its IAmFit programme that is creating a culture of health & wellness

Published on May 16, 2021

To encourage a culture of health and wellness in the organisation, Tata Sky introduced the #IAmFit programme to its employees three years ago. Saket Pandey, Assistant General Manager – Human Resources, Tata Sky, shared the programme’s journey since its launch at the 303rd EDGE webinar hosted by Tata Business Excellence Group on June 2, 2021.

In partnership with Goqii, Tata Sky introduced its employees to an ecosystem of fitness trackers, device applications, subscription plans, fitness coaches, doctors, reward points, and informative sessions. Other aspects of the programme included marathons, weekly mailers containing health tips and healthy food practices, and interactive sessions. Tata Sky started out with basic trackers for its employees and moved on to advanced trackers over the years. Currently, there are four different types of trackers, and more than half of the organisation is participating in the program.

To adjust to the employees’ needs during the lockdown, Tata Sky modified its fitness programme and focused on the physical wellness, emotional wellness, social and digital wellness, and occupational wellness of our employees. Virtual fitness sessions and webinars were conducted over the virtual medium of MS Teams. These included sessions of Yoga, Zumba, Pranayama, mindful meditation, chair yoga, etc.
The frequency of health sessions was increased from once a week to twice a week as the lockdown induced more stress and concern about wellness. The employees also received customised mailers for alternative fitness activities, immunity-boosting foods, etc. To ensure steady participation, regular reminders were sent and a wide variety of activities were included in the virtual sessions.

The #IAmFit programme was rolled out by Tata Sky to take care of its the employees’ health and wellness. During the lockdown, everyone learnt to keep evolving, adapting, and changing as per the needs of the hour. Various experiences of people who overcame health issues proved yet again that extraordinary people can inspire others.