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Tata Play picks up best practices in Analytics from Titan, Tata Steel and Tata Communications

Published on September 05, 2022

After data maturity assessment, Tata Play was eager to know how other Tata Companies were approaching specific data capture and storage areas. Tata Play had queries about measuring return on investment of data and analytics projects, charging back data and analytics costs to consumers, maintenance and update of metadata, tracking data usage and modifications after files are downloaded locally, use of high-end data analytics to move from descriptive to prescriptive reporting and creating and monitoring data quality through the data quality index.

To assist Tata Play in its endeavours, TBExG facilitated best practices sharing sessions on the subject with Titan, Tata Steel and Tata Communications.  On June 13, 2022, Santosh Vuppala, Head - Analytics and Insights at Titan Company shared in detail examples of how they were using Analytics to improve customer retention and conversions through precise targeting of prospects. On June 17, 2022, Amit Kumar Chatterjee, Chief Analytics Officer & Office of Chief Information Officer, Tata Steel, shared their journey of data and information technology projects right from ideation to proposal to execution. He also elaborated on cost allocation and ROI metrics through the Shikhar programme. On June 30, 2022, a team led by Aashish Goyal, General Manager in Enterprise Data & Analytics, Tata Communications, gave an insight into their data quality journey, and presented a case study on preventing cost leakages and management of metadata.

Tata Play found learnings from the sessions incredibly insightful. The sessions provided an insight into how different organisations are approaching the subject of Data Maturity.

Participant Speak

The connect sessions were very insightful. Titan gave some very pertinent examples of how they were using Analytics to improve customer retention and conversions through more precise targeting of prospects. Tata Steel helped us understand their entire journey of data, and IT projects from ideation to proposal to execution which included allocation of cost and ROI metrics through the Shikhar programme. Tata Communications gave us a peek into their Data quality journey and a case study on how it helped save some cost leakages. I also understood how they manage their metadata. The learnings helped us understand how different organisations approach the entire Data Maturity pursuit.

— Paras Deshpande, Senior Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis, Tata Play

Power of ideas gets quadrupled when it gets exchanged amongst like-minded groups. It was one such experience for Tata Play. Learning from industry veterans who had traversed a challenging path has been enlightening. The session with Titan helped Tata Play understand the B2C segment much better and ideas were exchanged on common problems which both companies were facing. Tata Steel helped Tata Play understand how a century-old organisation has transformed itself and harnessed the data to handle complex supply chain issues. Tata communications, spread across multiple geographies, helped Tata play understand how complex data can get and how Tata Communications has streamlined multiple versions of data to give one common view to the leadership team.

— Seshadri Manivannan, Senior Vice President - Data Architecture, Tata Play