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Tata Medical and Diagnostic’s webinar on the impact of collaboration of technology and healthcare services

Published on April 12, 2022

On March 30, 2022, Girish Krishnamurthy, CEO & MD, Tata Medical & Diagnostics, conducted an EDGE webinar, where he shed light on the importance of bridgital in healthcare services in India.

In the webinar titled 'Hope - You can create a large impact', Mr Krishnamurthy emphasised the company's efforts to introduce accurate, affordable and accessible diagnostic solutions and create a sustainable healthcare ecosystem for the common masses.

He noted how technology plays an essential role in bridging the gap between patients and doctors. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more critical for us to develop technology that will connect both parties, he added.

Hope is not just a philosophy. It is a practice that drives our every step towards becoming a better organisation, making sure every action we take impacts our lives through medical care. Hope drives Tata Medical and Diagnostics to make India healthy.

He spoke about the measures taken by Tata Medical & Diagnostics to improve patients' quality of life. He also highlighted how their 'Hope' philosophy has helped them create sustainable value while building a 'Bridgital' business model. It focuses on improving access to disease control, outreach and community capacity-building, prevention, screening and early detection, holistic care and rehabilitation, and policy interventions.

Tata Medical (MD) is committed to meeting the needs of people and communities across geographies and society through:

  • Striving for excellence in medical research
  • Providing quality diagnostics services
  • Creating value for patients through innovative products
  • Building robust connections between all stakeholders across countries
  • Being a responsible corporate entity in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring access to appropriate care for everyone.

They aspire to improve the healthcare ecosystem by driving regulatory changes, creating new business models, and focusing on delivery systems. The expectation is that this is one of the biggest transformations in the healthcare sector and many opportunities exist in technology, talent and capital for innovations.

The Digital Nerve Centre (DiNC) provides an integrated care management platform for Healthcare Centre Network (HCN) to manage their Care Coordination services from a single platform seamlessly. It is an open ecosystem that integrates with HCN's existing operations system. Since its inception, 3.11 Million Care Coordination services have been managed, 600 Health centres are connected.

DiNC was conceptualised as a platform that will connect all the stakeholders to improve access to healthcare and education in rural and semi-urban regions. The most distinctive feature of DiNC is that it has been designed with a user-centric approach that focuses on the need of patients based on their socio-economic conditions. It has evolved over a while and is continuously being improved with the feedback from users.

The Out Patient Department (OPD) at AIIMS provides medical services to over 7 lakh patients annually, with hundreds of consultations taking place daily. The new process, which involves the digital initiative implemented by TCS, offers patients access to an improved registration system and reduced waiting time at all stages in the OPD process. Enhanced facilities include improved counselling services, automated test reports and timely delivery of prescriptions. Patient feedback mechanisms have been introduced to improve service standards continually.

The Solution leverages TCS's healthcare expertise, technology know-how and experience in large-scale transformation programs to deliver an integrated platform that will drive enhanced patient experience at AIIMS. It is designed to ease the burden on AIIMS' existing staff through automation of critical processes and help provide a better patient experience.

In its pursuit to fulfil the promise of accessible and quality healthcare, Tata MD has identified three core principles that will drive its efforts - patient centricity, technology innovation, and integrated care.

The webinar unravelled a range of insights which were further elucidated in the Q&A round undertaken at the end of the session.