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Tata Communications shares it customer practices with Tata Teleservices

Published on April 03, 2023

Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL) is a leading player in the connectivity and communications solutions market for enterprise customers. With services ranging from connectivity, collaboration, cloud, security, IoT and marketing solutions, TTL offers a comprehensive portfolio of Information and Communications Technology Services for businesses in India.

TTL’s vision is to connect 150,000 businesses by 2025 by offering a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions, through partnerships that extend its capability and reach; and its purpose is “To accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by businesses aspiring to Do Big”. To achieve its vision, Tata Teleservices has identified the importance of providing consistent customer experience as one of the key differentiators and therefore wanted to understand existing practices in customer experience management in the Tata group. To support Tata Teleservices in its endeavours in its journey of customer experience, in September 2022, TBEXG facilitated the following three best practices sharing sessions with customer experts from Tata Communications:

  1. September 16, 2022 - Customer Experience: Awanish Singh - AVP, Customer Experience and Sumit Shukla - DGM, Customer Experience
    • In-house developed customer experience framework and use of customer voices to identify initiatives around culture, strategy & operations to deliver new engagement, product offerings and manage detractors.
    • Customer journey mapping, touch points mapping and monitoring of feedback. Measuring performance across the CX group to improve customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy. Application of various tools and methodologies for customer journey mapping, standardisation of CFT responsibilities and governance.
    • Analysis of transactional and regular feedback using the inbuilt CX sentiment and analytics tool to proactively identify concerns and issues.
  2. September 19, 2022 - DRIVE Cultural Transformation: Aman Gupta - VP, Business HR and Mridul Chandra - VP, Corporate HR
    • Launch of DRIVE framework defined with six specific employee behaviours for running the business efficiently with current set of products and capabilities for transformation.
    • Senior leadership engagement and signature campaign.
    • Presentation of various visual communications across key themes by the leadership teams.
    • Learning interventions on the DRIVE behavioural changes and champions.
    • Customer-centric culture building
  3. September 20, 2022 - Customer Service Management: Rajesh Menon
    • Experiences in setting the ‘Customer Success Group’ and associated challenges. TCL shared their approach structure and processes for managing the group.
    • Synergy between the ‘Customer Success Management’ and ‘Customer Experience Group’ for identification of big-ticket technology change improvement projects, and implementation through a governance mechanism led by the Customer Experience Group.
    • Structured process of identification of potential issues and customer crisis using dictator management, to identify improvement initiatives around tactical and operational issues.
    • Development of a case management tool as a quick reference on the different issues and concerns faced by the customer-facing teams. Development and deployment of ‘playbook’ for quicker customer resolution and ready reckoner while meeting with the customers. In-house built ticketing tool for streamlining communication, prioritisation, tracking customer interaction & collaboration and knowledge sharing within the teams.

Post these sessions, Tata Teleservices is now working on/exploring the feasibility of driving improvement in the following areas:

  • Customer journey mapping and identification of tech and non-tech improvements
  • Cultural transformation initiatives for enhancing customer experience.
  • Strengthening and streamlining customer communication
  • Building a governance structure

Participant Speak

It was a pleasure understanding the TCL team’s journey setting up the CSM function. The learnings helped us set up a base framework for our CX function and understand some of the challenges we will face on our journey.

— Ajit Belani, General Manager - Marketing, Tata Teleservices

We thank TBExG for organising the session and TCL for sharing practices on CSM and CX, thereby providing us with learning opportunities.

— Cyril Danthi, DGM - Business Excellence, Tata Teleservices