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More than 600 best practices at the click of a button: Download yours now!

Published on May 03, 2019

You, as a Tata employee, have access to more than 600 best practices from 53 Tata companies on the EDGE Portal. Want to know about Tata Steel’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative, Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s (Tata Power-DDL’s) Warranty Management System, Infiniti Retail’s 3 hour delivery service, Automating Supply Chain Management at Tata Sky, and many more, the Portal is the ‘best’ place for you! The EDGE Portal is an established platform for Tata companies to learn, adopt and share best practices with one another.

Contributions from several Tata companies on varied business segments has made this huge collection of best practices possible. Tata Power-DDL is on top of the leaderboard with 63 practices, Tata Motors and Tata Steel with 42, followed by Tata Power at 40. These best practices cover a wide range of topics as there is diversity in the areas that the group conducts business in. They are available in more than 20 topics, including Branding, Business Excellence, Corporate Social Responsibility, Customers, Finance and Accounts, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Innovation, Knowledge Management, and many more. Human Resource Management, Customers, Operational Excellence and Safety were the most sought topics. Topics for the best practices are selected after analysis of the TBEM Assessment outcomes.

There’s more in store for you! Apart from downloading best practices, you can also connect with the practice owner to know more. Interactive sessions with Subject Matter Experts is also available on the Portal.
Several companies have done the next ‘best’ thing in the journey of excellence — adopted best practices added by another Tata company. In the last three years, there have been more than 50 best practice adoption success stories reported from over 20 Tata companies. These adoptions improve a company’s process or performance and also helps in getting closer to the overarching goal of becoming One Tata.

The following are the top ten practices on the EDGE portal, ranked according to AdvantEDGE points, which are earned on the basis of the number of views, shares, likes, comments and discussions related to the practice.

S.No Title of the practice Company
1 Application of Theory of Constraints in Supply Chain Tata Steel
2 Digital Safety Management Tata Motors
3 Differential Offerings to Customers based on Segmentation Tata Steel
4 Khatre Ki Pehchan (KKP) -Spot the Hazard and Win a Holiday The Indian Steel & Wire Products Limited
5 Measuring Learning Effectiveness - 6Ds Way Tata Motors
6 Project Estimation, Execution, and Commissioning TPDDL
7 Benefitting from Knowledge Management Initiatives TPDDL
8 Strategy Planning and Deployment process Tata Steel
9 Developing Customer Insights through Voice Of Customer Tata Communication
10 Succession Planning Tata Steel Europe

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