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mjunction learns best practices in customer service from Voltas and Tata Cliq

Published on May 18, 2022

Mjunction is working on developing a robust customer engagement/experience process for its 3 lacs plus small/medium customers. This exercise would involve understanding of the customer journey/touch points various points, with the final objective of improving customer experience/CSAT. In this respect mjunction, wanted to understand best practices from group companies in the following four areas:

  • Mechanisms of collecting VOC from a large base of small (MSME/SME) customers
  • Customer Relationship Management including complaint management
  • Action Planning and Review mechanisms to improve Customer Service
  • New technology used to capture VOC and help in Customer Complaint Resolution and Management

To assist, mjunction in its improvement endeavors, TBExG facilitated best practices session with Tata Cliq and Voltas. On February 23, 2022, Ashish Himthani, Head - Customer Experience Service from Tata Cliq and on February 25, 2022, Girish Shah, Head - Customer Services at Voltas, shared their respective practices pertaining to customer service.

From these sessions, mjunction found that by conducting the CSAT surveys once or twice a year does not cover the entire customer base. Hence continuous feedback collecting process ensures that all active customers are providing their candid feedback immediately after experience on the platform. mjunction is now evaluating feasibility of bringing in a similar feature of capturing customer feedback immediately  after a transaction on its auction platform.

Participant Speak

At mjunction, we also conduct our BCSS (Bidding customer satisfaction surveys) every year, we did some analysis on the historical data and found that we were capturing 30% of our total customer base every year. Post the best practices sharing sessions we are evaluating how mjunction can implement the idea of capturing continuous and immediate feedback from our customers, immediately after their transaction in our platform.

— Neeraj Sharma, Senior Manager (Customer Service), mjunction