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How TCS is assisting organisations to invert their data and analytics investment paradigm

Published on June 05, 2020

Dinanath Kholkar, Vice President, Global Head of Analytics & Insights, TCS, graced the stage in the 253rd EDGE webinar held on June 3, 2020. He spoke about 'Accelerated Business Outcomes with Data Centricity’, where he explained how the Tata IT (Information Technology) giant enables creation of decision-support systems, based on data and analytics.
The emergence of data and analytics as a critical tool for business success has inspired IT heads, across industry, to direct their investments towards data collection, analysis, and generation of insights. However, currently, much time, effort and money is being invested in collecting, gathering, and preparing data. Most of the extraction activity is centred on diagnostics, which implies reflecting on the past rather than planning for the future. Ideally, entities should devote more resources towards analysing, extracting, and effectively using, insights.
TCS, through its D3 strategy framework, is inverting the paradigm pyramid by creating frameworks to harness data for decision-making purposes. The D3 framework is a matrix of three integrated tools — DATOM, DAEzMo, and DECISION FABRIC, which together create an ecosystem of strategy, scale, and sustainability. The ecosystem, in turn, develops organisational data maturity and provides feedback to drive success. TCS has successfully developed accelerated business outcome plans for its customers using the D3 framework.

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