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EDGE webinars drive excellence

Published on September 27, 2017

For Tata employees across the globe, Wednesdays are for webinars. Breaking barriers of distance and bringing like-minded colleagues on the same platform, the weekly webinars organised by the best practices team at Tata Business Excellence Group are redefining the benchmarks of knowledge-sharing in Tata Group companies.

The EDGE webinars share ideas and deliver solutions to specific problems faced by Tata employees. Out of the 125 webinars conducted, as many as 32 subject areas have been covered till date. From operations excellence, business excellence and customer feedback to change management, project management and safety, the webinars address issues across the organisational spectrum.

The efficient and convenient new age platform for learning and development has attracted the participation of over 40,000 employees from Tata offices as far as Europe, UK, Singapore, South Korea and Africa, besides executives from units across India.

Taking the objective of the best practices team to identify areas of excellence within Tata companies forward, the webinars enable faster progress and peer-learning. The online forum allows real-time spreading of knowledge, allowing one Tata company to know what another Tata company is doing well - and learning from it. The weekly webinars are bringing companies together, spreading ideas, stories, journeys and best practices across the Tata group.

Addressed by domain experts and thought leaders from Tata Group, as well as external organisations like Google, Bain, E&Y and American Society for Quality, the webinars are gaining popularity with each passing week. Enjoying a +61 Net Promoter Score feedback, a recording of the webinars is also available on the EDGE portal for employees who miss the live feed from 2.00pm-3.00pm IST.