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Webinar on Tata Sky's real-time KPI dashboard

Published on November 25, 2021

Tata Sky's leadership team had access to critical KPI (key performance indicators) matrices on a T+1 basis. In other words, what happened today was being reported tomorrow and analysed for the days ahead. The delay in reporting and analysing the key numbers led to inopportune capturing of trends, resulting in an undesirable gap in decision-making. For instance, the information about the number of recharges or pack activation and modification requests effected close to a particular event was available the day after the event. It prevented the marketing team from planning promotions, etc., centred on that particular event.  

In an insightful webinar on November 24, 2021, a team from Tata Sky explained how they developed and deployed a platform that provides real-time business KPI figures to help in quick decision-making and improving efficiencies. The team gave a detailed account of the various aspects of creating the KPI dashboard platform, which is driving the next phase of growth for the DTH giant.

The mandate for Tata Sky's IT team was to create and implement a system to synchronise data from different verticals and report in real-time to facilitate agile decision-making. The challenge lay in incorporating multiple interdependencies to extract the right set of KPIs and present it in a manner that could provide appropriate insights. To mitigate the challenge, the IT team collaborated extensively with various verticals in the initial design stage. Since commercially available and off-the-shelf Business Process Monitoring tools were found unsuitable to accommodate Tata Sky's business framework, the IT team built its own suite, including a data processing engine.

The description of the KPI dashboard's development journey piqued the attendees' interest leading to stimulating queries.