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700 ideas of innovation & excellence: Inspiring best practices of Tata companies

Published on July 10, 2021

When a business group has more than 50 companies in its fold – some of them global leaders in their own right – innovation and excellence are an integral part of its culture. The Tata Group’s EDGE portal, which documents the pioneering processes and path-breaking innovations across its businesses, now has a repository of 700 best practices. As a Tata employee, you can access these examples of excellence to enhance your individual knowledge as well as explore the possibility for cross-pollination of ideas to improve your and your team’s performance.

These 700 best practices have been classified into 23 separate categories, and further segmented into 153 sub-categories for ease of navigation and adoption of relevant information. Reflective of the diversity of the areas in which the Tata group conducts business, the best practices are representative of domains across the spectrum – from Corporate Social Responsibility, Operational Excellence, Innovation and Supply Chain Management, to Branding, Strategy, Safety and Sustainability. Human Resources Management (152) and Customers (112) account for the top two categories, reflecting the Tata Group’s commitment to its people and customer-centricity, respectively. For a Group that prides itself for its ethical business practices, it is only befitting that it has as many as 22 best practices in Ethics that can serve as an inspiration for others.

This voluminous compendium of best practices is a result of the culture of continuous improvement at Tata companies, across verticals and businesses. The top five companies in this list are Tata Power Delhi Distribution, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Steel and Infiniti Retail.

You can access these best practices online as well as download them from the EDGE portal for your future reference. Should you need further inputs or better understanding of a topic, you can even connect with the practice owner to learn more details or initiate a discussion on the practice. More than 900 subject matter experts are available on the EDGE portal, who can address queries in their respective areas of expertise.

These best practices have already inspired journeys of excellence, with group companies adopting and implementing them to improve their own processes and performances. Leveraging the strengths of the Tata Group, these 700 best practices are an enabling element in pursuit of the One Tata goal.

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