Excellence Competencies

Capability Building: Creating a pipeline of business leaders

The Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) has become a formal and explicit component of the Tata group’s drive towards business excellence. The capability building programmes offered by Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) are geared towards preparing business leaders for achieving performance excellence. There are broadly two significant areas in which capability building programmes are offered.

The first area focuses on developing business excellence Assessor capabilities through an experiential learning methodology. These assessment-related programmes are aimed at developing the skills of new assessors, as well as enhancing the skills of experienced assessors.

The second area focuses on building Champion capabilities through customised interventions. These programmes are aimed at developing champions to drive business excellence in their functions within their respective organisations.

Besides, TBExG also organises programmes to support specific areas related to group priorities such as Safety, Corporate Foresight, Customer Centricity and Knowledge Management. These are delivered by experts and facilitators, who are widely experienced in both business excellence methodologies, and the related domain areas.

Programmes at a Glance

1. Assessor Capabilities

  • BEAP: Business Excellence Assessor Programme
  • SMEAP: Subject Matter Expert Assessor Programme
  • EAP: Experienced Assessor Programme
  • APL: Advanced Programme for Leaders

2. Champion Capabilities

  • EBE: Embracing Business Excellence
  • BECP: Business Excellence Champion Programme
  • Subject-focused capabilities: Programmes are conducted in the areas of Safety, Corporate Foresight, Customer Centricity, Knowledge Management and Operations Excellence

The Team

Sanjeev Singh

Vice President
Tata Business Excellence Group

Sayantan Roy

Deputy General Manager
Tata Business Excellence Group

Madhu Chaithanya

Senior Manager
Tata Business Excellence Group