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TBExG conducts a series of HIRA workshops for Trent

Published on October 04, 2018

TBExG conducted a series of workshops on Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) for Trent delivery centre (DC) – warehouse as well as store operations. This consisted of a workshop for DC managers on the site, and then a separate one for the store managers. More than 130 store managers also participated in a half-day workshop, making it the largest safety workshop conducted by TBExG till date.

The exercise started off with a familiarisation visit by the Group Safety team to the Trent warehouse and store in Pune. Post this visit, a HIRA programme was crafted, which was customised for Trent’s requirements.
A full day workshop for all DC managers and senior executives at Vapi was conducted on site. This included a half-day theory session in which concepts on Risk Assessment were discussed, followed by a half-day practical exercise on site, wherein the participants visited specific areas and conducted the Risk Assessment. Post this training programme, the DCs conducted the Risk Assessment exercise in their individual DCs. Once the individual DCs completed their HIRA documents, the Group Safety team also conducted a calibration session for the same.

Post the completion of the HIRA workshop for the DCs, the same session was also conducted for the stores. The workshop was initially conducted for the store managers of Mumbai-based stores, and followed the same model as the one for the DCs.

In order to ensure that maximum store managers know about the concept, the Group Safety team also conducted a half-day workshop for 130 store assistant managers. This is the largest safety workshop conducted by TBExG and was designed with videos and pictures to make the programme interactive.

Since the programme combined theory with practical aspects, the participants found the programme quite interesting and relatable.