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Tata Business Excellence Group organises 3rd annual Safety Heads Meet

Published on April 03, 2018

The third annual Safety Heads Meet was organised on March 22, 2018, at Vivanta by Taj – President, Mumbai by the Safety team at Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG). The theme of the day’s session was ‘Safety by Choice, Not by Chance’. The session was attended by 60 senior safety professionals from 40 Tata companies. Interspersed with presentations from the group safety and health team and senior leaders, the gathering was aimed at sharing and discussing common safety concerns within the group and generating awareness about the various safety initiatives run by the group centre. The meet also provided an update on the progress of various Tata companies in the area of safety.

The day began with Gautam Gondil, General Manager, TBExG, taking the participants through the safety journey of the Tata group. He elaborated on the initiatives that the group safety and health team is undertaking through four strategic building blocks:

  • Commonality and convergence
  • Training and capability building
  • Transparency and sharing
  • Assurance and verification

Mr Gondil also took the participants through the role of the group safety and health team, and how the Tata group is approaching safety in an integrated manner.

Suresh Tanwar, Chief, Group Safety and Health, TBExG, then took to the stage for a session on the key new initiatives that the group centre has undertaken, which included Tata Safety Beliefs, simplification of the TBEM criteria and the Office Safety Standards. He also presented the group-level safety statistics and stressed on the importance of reducing the number of safety incidents.

This was followed by a presentation by Sanjay Rajasekaran, Consultant, TBExG, who took the team through the ‘Common Findings from Serious Incidents that Occurred in the Tata Group’. Through the presentation, the participants received inputs on how to prevent similar incidents in their companies.

Andrew Page, Safety Advisor to the MD, Tata Steel, was up next, and delivered the Senior Leaders Speech. He talked about his personal journey and learning in his 30-year career in various roles, including being a CEO and the Director of Health and Safety at Tata Steel.

This was followed by a group discussion on ideas / actions to prevent fatalities in group companies and presentations from the various teams.

The most awaited session of the day was an interaction with the Safety Steering Committee chaired by S Padmanabhan, Group CHRO, Tata Sons, wherein the participants put forth interesting queries on topics ranging from the role of leadership, health initiatives that can be undertaken at the group, the role safety plays in performance reviews and the sharing of best practices on safety.

The Safety Steering Committee also launched a book on ‘Sharing & Learning from Serious Incidents - A compendium of what went wrong and how to prevent such incidents in future’.

The last session of the day was conducted by Suresh Tanwar, who charted out the Key Next Steps for the year.

The Safety Heads Meet was appreciated by all the participants, as it provided them with an opportunity to interact with peers as well as senior leaders to discuss various aspects of safety within the Tata group.