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Group Safety & Health team conducts Series 2 of the Accelerated Reduction in Repeat Events programme

Published on November 11, 2021

Group Safety & Health team organised the second series of the Accelerated Reduction in Repeat Events (ARRE) programme. The objective of the ARRE programme is to focus management attention on learnings from past events and improve the strength of defences in Tata companies, to enable an accelerated reduction/prevention, in repeat incidents across the Tata group. Six sessions conducted between September 28 and October 8, 2021, focused on ‘Fire Safety, Electrical Safety & LOTO’. The multiple sessions were well received with 2,785 participants from 46 companies and an NPS of 72. A few more are planned in November 2021.

The ARRE programme was first launched in October 2020, with 10 sessions on the ‘Vehicle Movement’ series. Click here for more details.



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