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Transforming digitally; with ability and agility

Published on August 27, 2020

Srinivasan CR, Chief Digital Officer for Tata Communications, highlighted the results of Tata Communications’ digital transformation journey, at the 264th EDGE webinar organised on August 26, 2020.

Tata Communications is a B2B telecom entity with operations in over 200 countries and territories. It provides support for mission-critical digital transformation services to more than 7,000 customers globally, many of whom are large enterprises with a revenue of USD five billion.

Three years ago it decided to embark on a digital transformation journey, to leverage technology for improved productivity and providing an enhanced customer experience. Its objectives included:

  • Making 80 percent of the sales orders zero-touch, thus reducing manual intervention
  • Reducing the sales effort by 30 percent
  • Reducing the delivery time by 50 percent
  • A minimum net promoter score of 70
  • Creating a single source of information for all customer and service inventory needs to enable consistency of data across relevant channels

The company adopted a customer-centric approach that involved:

  • Transformation based on the customer journey
  • An outside-in view of business impact through industry examples to set aspirations
  • Alignment of business teams to define initiatives and levers
  • Digital garages to execute priority initiatives through ‘zero based design’
  • A defined minimum viable product approach for early customer validation and product refinement

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