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Tata International shares its complaint management process with Tata Technologies

Published on January 07, 2022

At Tata Technologies, different accounts currently track customer complaints using their respective excel file and is working to set up a structured customer complaint management process (CCMP). From, Tata International’s TBEM 2021 Assessment, one of the assessors from Tata Technologies learnt about the complaint management system at Tata International’s distribution business unit (BU) and expressed interest to know more about it and explore the feasibility of leveraging some features into their own CCMP.

On December 8, 2021, in a best practice sharing session, Tata International’s distribution BU shared its complaint management process. In the session, Santosh Shetty, Chief - Strategy & Information Officer of Tata Africa Holdings shared the following key attributes of their complaint management process:

1. Availability of complaint register form on the Tata International website and during monthly meetings with customers and awareness created for the usage of the complaint form
2. Complaint management system’s linkage with NPS through service and communication systems
3. Different mediums to capture the Voice of Customer (VOC)
4. The simplest way to categorise the complaint in terms of customer requirements of the services which help to escalate the complaint and analyse accurately
5. Defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) complaint resolution and escalation matrix
6. Mapping of correct internal stakeholders based on the categories and sub-categories
7. Simple form as the Tata International team minimises and optimises fields to be filled up by customers so that they can share quick and hassle-free feedback

Tata Technologies now plans to create a similar type of form with different categories of complaints, to help escalate the complaint to the correct team, conduct real analysis and organise monthly awareness meetings.

Participant Speak

CCMP is the comprehensive in-house developed digital system connecting several customer-related business processes to ensure timely closure of customer complaints through defined workflow, resulting in delivering the customer promise. We at Tata Technologies, intend to implement a similar type of form with different categories of complaints in terms of customer service requirements, which will help in escalating the complaint to the correct team and conducting the real analysis using our website or SharePoint site, as well as we will be creating awareness during monthly meetings with customers for capturing the VOC. We will also define a service level agreement (SLA) complaint resolution and escalation matrix, as well as a mapping of appropriate internal stakeholders based on categories and subcategories.

Atul Tibe, Products Technical Manager – Tata Technologies Limited