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Tata Elxsi shares its practice of Project Health Indicator with Tata Technologies

Published on March 05, 2021

Tata Technologies measures the progress of its key performance indicators (KPIs) around cost, quality and schedule, manpower, defects, rework and risk. However, all these KPIs are measured through different systems and tracked in Excel, which is prone to manual errors and delays in updates. Tata Technologies wanted to automate these KPIs and finally track Project Health for projects mapped to different programme managers.

To assist Tata Technologies in its improvement efforts, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) facilitated a best practice sharing session with Tata Elxsi on Project Health Indicator. On January 27, 2021, Arun Kumar Goyal, Head, Quality - Systems BU, Industrial Design and Visualisation,and N Raghavan, Quality Head - Transportation, from Tata Elxsi gave an overview of their Project Health Indicator (PHI) along with a demo of the tool.

The PHI tool at Tata Elxsi helps determine project health on five attributes:

  • Customer Centricity
    • Voice of customer
    • Periodic customer expectations
  • Project Management
    • Risk management
    • Planning and tracking
  • Work Product Quality
    • In-process quality checks during development
    • Continuous independent assessment of the quality of artefacts
  • Metrics
    • Quantitative metrics performance and path forward rather than focusing on numbers
  • Process Adherence
    • Monitoring of means and not just the end
    • Includes KM, tools usage, process compliance indicator (%)

The PHI reports are updated weekly and discussed with programme and project managers and improvements are worked out. Further, a consolidated report is shared by quality heads to the senior management team.

Participant Speak:

Thank you for the in-depth discussion, walkthrough of the system and sharing the presentation. The entire session was a great value add with the objective of enhancing our existing process. Appreciate your time and passion for the session. We may come back to you with more requirements after discussing details with our process owners.

Satyendra Singh, Senior Manager - Business Excellence, Tata Technologies