Tata Education Excellence Programme


The Tata Education Excellence Programme (TEEP), a brainchild of B Muthuraman, ex-Vice Chairman, Tata Steel, was launched in 2003 to promote education excellence in schools of Jamshedpur and a select few in the vicinity of Tata Steel’s out locations. TEEP is aligned with the Tata group’s vision to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves. The education excellence programme’s objective of fostering a culture of improvement also stems from the Tata group's core value of excellence.

The TEEP criteria for assessments is adapted from the renowned Malcolm Baldrige criteria for performance excellence. The TEEP assessment process empowers schools to improve the quality of their education and foster a culture of quality and excellence in students – the citizens of tomorrow. The team that carries out this assessment typically comprises trained assessors consisting of principals and teachers.

Every year, participating schools are assessed under the Regular Programme to determine their excellence maturity and identify improvement opportunities. Schools can also undergo a Basic Assessment, a simpler version of the Regular Programme, or Saral Assessment, which helps government and rural schools to comprehend their areas of strength. 


The Team

NK Sharan

Vice President
Tata Business Excellence Group