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TBExG's Advanced Programme for Leaders 2018: Viewing the future through the lens of the past

Published on February 02, 2018

Advanced Programme for Leaders, commonly known as APL, is the annual symposium of TBEM team leaders and process consultants to reflect on the previous TBEM assessment cycle and focus on futuristic opportunities.

This year, APL 2018 was held at The Gateway Hotel, Ambad, Nashik, on January 23 and 24 2018. The agenda for the APL is always based on feedback — both formal and informal.  APL is a listening and a learning experience. What leaders say in this programme forms the agenda for the Experienced Assessor Programme. It also drives thinking on many other aspects that provide the roadmap for the future.

APL 2018 was carefully crafted to take a balanced view of what could be achieved, coupled with futuristic possibilities.

M Nagabhushan, VP, TBExG, welcomed the delegates to APL 2018. This was followed by a presentation titled ‘Exploring possibilities for future: What we did right in 2017, what could be better in 2018’ by Saurav Chakrabarti, AVP, TBExG. Sanjeev Singh, AVP, TBExG, took over and introduced the 2018-19 criteria to the participants, highlighting the major changes in the content and the architecture of the criteria.

The CEOs of the applicant organisations, being the customers of the assessment process, are very important stakeholders of the TBEM movement. Four CEOs; Dinesh Shastri (MD, Tata NYK),  Sandeep Kumar (MD, Tata Metaliks), Sanjiv Sarin (MD & CEO, Tata Coffee) and S R Mukherjee (CEO, TAML) joined a discussion on the topic ‘The Leadership Expectations’ moderated by Gautam Gondil, GM, TBExG, through a webex medium.

Prominence of the subject Cybersecurity in the TBEM blue book is evident. Venu Nair, President and CEO, TASEC, addressed the participants with great insights on Cybersecurity and what the assessors should look for in the organisations to understand the plan, progress and readiness for responding to any incidences of cyber breach.

Post lunch, Suresh Tanwar, Chief, Group Safety & Health, TBExG, shared changes in the safety and health criteria and explained how the criteria has been made simple, yet objective.

Leveraging each team members’ strength in a TBEM assessment team is one of the key skills for a Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader. To sharpen this ability, a session was conducted for self and team discovery using the Belbin framework. The session was helmed by Pearl D’Souza, a behavioural consultant and Director at PrePearl Training Development Pvt. Ltd. APL 2018 also took the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of superannuating members Mukesh Prasad, Shrikant Chandratreya and Vivek Talwar towards the TBEM movement.

Day 2 began with an interactive session on ‘Dealing with Diversity in TBEM Assessments’ by
S Padmanabhan, Group CHRO, Tata Sons. During his talk, he highlighted the diversity opportunities in a TBEM assessment and how TBEM leaders should embrace and leverage it.

Three experienced team leaders, Avijit Bhattacharya, CHRO, Tata Capital; N E Sridhar, Head – Corporate Sustainability, Titan Company; and Behram Sabawala, CFO, Tata Cliq, shared some good practices from their experience, which has led to successful TBEM assessments.

The APL 2018 also had a few breakout sessions, during which the team leaders and process consultants discussed some pertinent topics to enhance the overall process. The breakout sessions were moderated by N K Sharan, VP, TBExG; Anil Menghrajani, AVP, TBExG; and Vinod Kumar, GM, TBExG.

At the end, Mr Sharan summarised APL 2018 and highlighted key learnings and the way forward.  APL 2018 was efficiently moderated by Subhrajit Basu, Senior Consultant, TBExG, supported by Sayantan Roy, Consultant, TBExG, and other colleagues of TBExG.