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TBExG starts the TBEM Assessment cycle for 2018 with Mentors Meet

Published on June 26, 2018

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) conducted the Mentor’s Meet on June 22, 2018 to bring together senior leaders as well as Mentors and Team Leaders of the 22 Tata companies that will undergo the TBEM Assessment cycle this year. The Mentor’s Meet indicates the formal start to the TBEM Assessment cycle for the current year. The gathering, which was organised at Vivanta by Taj President, Mumbai, drew over 60 senior leaders and CEOs from across the Tata group in person and remotely.

Sanjeev Singh, AVP, TBExG, who was the host for the day, welcomed participants and thanked them for taking time to attend the important meeting. M Nagabhushan, Vice President, TBExG, started the day with a session detailing some key changes that were made to the TBEM Assessment process. He explained that the TBEM criteria has been reset to the Baldrige criteria, with the scoring system customised for the Tata group. Also, in line with the Group Chairman’s focus, Simplicity, Synergy and Scale have been imbibed in the process, so that the feedback reports also highlight them. He also stated that the expectations from the Applicant companies are changing, with them asking for more prescriptive feedback and global benchmarks.

Saurav Chakrabarti, AVP, TBExG, then took to the stage to take the participants through some of the actions that were taken in accordance to the feedback of the Mentors in the 2017 cycle. All the changes that were made in the process were in three broad buckets: to reduce the effort, to optimise the process and to provide industry knowledge.

Joining through a video connection, Anand Sen, President - TQM & Steel Business, Tata Steel, threw light on some of the expectations that an Applicant company has from the TBEM Assessment process. Stating that the Mentor plays a key balancing role that helps the Applicant company to focus and scale their strengths, Mr. Sen called Mentors true ambassadors to thoughts and change. He added that the company’s expectations from the Assessment team include industry benchmarks as well as key inputs on the newer aspects of the market like agility, green technologies, etc.

S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, TBExG, then took the participants through Item 1.2 of the TBEM criteria, which deals with Governance and Societal Responsibilities. Highlighting Mentors as the key to assess this area, Mr. Padmanabhan gave some insights on how they can ascertain the levels of maturity in these areas.

The next CEO to provide a perspective on expectations from an Applicant company was Rajiv Sabharwal, MD & CEO, Tata Capital. Providing a background of Tata Capital’s business excellence journey, Mr. Sabharwal said that the Tata Capital has five key expectations from the TBEM Assessment process: a complete health checkup for the company; sharing of best practices from other companies; learnings on simplification, synergies & scale; best practices across industries; and actionable feedback.

Then it was time to hear from two Mentors from this year’s cycle – Jamshed Daboo, MD, Trent Hypermarket and Piyush Gupta, VP – Steel Marketing & Sales, Tata Steel. While Mr. Daboo, who has acted as a Mentor for many years now, gave his perspective on the evolving role of a Mentor, Mr. Gupta detailed the reasons he chose to become a Mentor for the first time this year. Mr. Daboo mentioned that a Mentor is essentially an ambassador for brand Tata, and in his role, plans for adding value in 3 stages of the cycle: the pre-site visit, post site visit and final feedback. Mr. Gupta mentioned that a Mentor is a catalyst of change, a thought partner and a knowledge partner in the TBEM Assessment process, and adds tremendous value to the team.

The day came to an end with an interesting open house with Mr. Padmanabhan.